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temporary fencing for dogs

Some dogs are great swimmers. They naturally seem at ease in the water from their first swim. Instinctively, they wave their legs and keep their heads above water. Some love the water, while others prefer to stay away.

It is common to hear some people say that if you throw a dog in the water, it will swim. This statement is false. Worse still, it can lead to tragic accidents. All dogs cannot swim naturally. When a dog finds itself in the water, it will have the reflex to put its paws into action to paddle. This is not an innate ability to swim but a survival instinct.

If your dog cannot swim or you want to keep your dog away from the swimming pool, you need a fence.

Fencing for dogs

To protect your dog or your yard sometimes requires keeping your swimming pool fenced. But what if you only want to use the fence occasionally? Using removable or temporary fencing is an excellent option. Adding a temporary yard fence for dogs is an excellent way to keep your pet where you want them to be.

Finding something attractive that matches your backyard design and doesn’t look hideous can be a challenge. It’s also important to find a strong fence that is difficult to claw through.

This is why we designed our black polyester mesh PET MESH FENCE. We spent almost five years developing this system we call our pet mesh. The holes in this mesh are very small and your pet’s claws are too large to fit into the mesh material. If your pet can’t get his claws into the mesh to try and shred it, it becomes very difficult for them to damage it. This temporary yard fence for dogs is very tough but also see-through and attractive.

What Is A Pet Fence?

A pet fence is an excellent protection for pets that should not access certain parts of your yard. It is made from heavier strands of 100% polyvinyl-coated polyester making it resistant to dogs and cats that want to go through it, jump over it or scratch their way out. The pet mesh is made from a transparent material, that is UV-resistant and wind permeable.

Benefits of Pet Mesh

  • A pet fence keeps large and aggressive pets like dogs from accessing restricted areas in your yard.
  • A pet fence keeps pets away from destroying expensive equipment like air conditioning units.
  • A pet fence is a reliable containment method because pets cannot chew their way out of their containment area.
  • It’s the cheapest way to contain aggressive pets unlike traditional containment techniques such as building wooden or metallic barricades.

The No Holes Option Temporary Fence

no-holes-pool-fence-bay-area-ca.jpgThis temporary yard fence for dogs uses a strong base with holes where the poles stand from. The base is filled with water, making them heavy and immovable. This makes the poles and mesh steady and in the right place hence resisting strong winds or scratches from aggressive pets. After using the temporary fences, owners only have to detach the mesh and poles, empty the sand or water from the bases and store them. Some of the reasons why this fencing option is fast gaining popularity include;

  • No Drilling Hassles– This saves time while also preserving the concrete floor around your yard.
  • Easy To Assemble– This fencing option requires no technical advice in the first place. In addition, there are no complex tools or equipment required in assembling the fence.
  • Portable and Easy to Store– After using the fence for a given time, homeowners only have to empty the bases’ contents, gather up the bases, poles, and the mesh, and store them till the next time.

Teaching Your Dog To Swim

You might also be able to teach your dog to swim. Here is how:

  • Equip Yourself: For the sessions, you must provide treats to reward your dog, a few toys to reassure them, and a large towel to warm them up after swimming.
  • Play Near Water: The dog should not feel pressure, especially during the first sessions. If your dog ventures into the water on its own, it’s a chance, but it should not be forced to bathe the first time. Take care to choose a space where your dog can walk.
  • Get Involved: Want your dog to go in the water? Well, go there too! Barefoot or with boots, show them they have nothing to fear if you can go there. If your dog struggles to get in the swimming pool, try getting a pool stair suitable for dogs.
  • Try the Deeper Areas: When your dog feels comfortable in the water, you can suggest going to a deeper area to see how he’s doing with the swim. Never force him and reward all his efforts.


Our pet mesh fencing is easy for a homeowner to install and just as simple to remove when you need it.  Please contact us for more information or call us at 855-766-7665.


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