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United States: We have dealers in many states and offer our “do-it-yourself system” only if we have no dealer close to you.

Canada: Ontario, Vancouver, British Columbia

European Union: France, Portugal

Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Israel, Bahrain

Central and South America: Mexico, Colombia

We will ship our “do-it-yourself” system anywhere around the world if we do not have a dealer close by.

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For over 20 years we have been saving the lives of children around the world.

We stand apart from our competitors in many ways. One of them is our patented, climb-resistant, self-closing, self-latching, removable mesh gate. With no cross-bar, our gate is very difficult for small children to climb and the only climb-resistant mesh gate on the market.

We have a solid dealer network that has been expertly trained in the installation of our products. We require every dealer to undergo our intense one-week training held at our factory where they train directly with our CEO, Vice President, and Head Installer. This is one of the reasons for Guardian’s long-term success. Our pool fence dealers will provide you with excellent customer service and high quality, professional install.

Guardian provides you with the most mesh fencing options in the world.

Can’t drill into your deck? No problem! With our No Holes pool fence, you can conveniently and affordably protect your children from pool-related injuries.

Do you want the strongest and safest, yet gentle mesh fence for your daycare or foster home? Guardian Pool Fence Systems offers the only mesh fence that meets building code.

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