Pool owners know the safety risk they run of having it located near their home; you don’t need to hear any more information about that. However, one of the biggest concerns today is not just the safety aspect, but also the style. A huge challenge today is owner trying to find the safest pool fences that are attractive and do not reduce the overall beauty of the property. In today’s age of growing technology, you can now have your cake and eat it too. The new fencing technology includes styles such as a strong mesh that is hard to tear, held up by extra durable poles. These new fencing designs fit in with the designs and themes of many homes completely changing how pool fences traditionally look.


These mesh fencing systems use an interlocking technology that appears almost transparent as you look through it, providing a great view inside to the pool, but still operating as a barrier. This mesh is held up by aluminum support poles that can be found in a variety of color schemes. Everything from the mesh, to the support poles, to the automatic gate can be color matched and fit in to the surrounding environment.


The companies that design and manufacture these fencing options focus primarily on safety, but provide it with a style that is hard to come by. These designs seem to blend into its surroundings instead of the more traditional options which stand out. They can come with full customization and different colors or designs. There is no need to worry about the safety, because the marine-grade support poles and the tear-proof mesh provide safety and peace of mind.


Some of the more traditional fencing options like a vertical steel bar fence seem to place all of the emphasis on the fence itself. While these are viable options when you are looking for the right fence, you need to keep other things in mind too. Obviously safety is one of the major concerns, then price, then style. Depending of the type of material you are using to build your fence, the mesh option may be similar in price, so you must consider that as well.


Many fence companies will use materials that are massed produced so that they can keep the cost of the fences down. But that doesn’t mean you need to compromise in customization. Presently one of the biggest things to look for is if the company offers mass-customization. This means that although it may be mass produced material, they offer a custom solution to you. The material can be customized in regards to style or color, and the custom installation will fit your unique needs. This creates a pretty large saving benefit over some companies that may build their fence systems from scratch and charge more because of that.


Overall, with the gaining popularity of pools it has become necessary to rethink the possibilities of what is included in a pool fence. No longer do you have to settle with a bland fence, you can now have the fence that is perfect for you with no compromises.


The growing demand for pool safety products to deter and reduce the chance for drowning has caused a marked spike in the need for qualified installers throughout the nation. Guardian has addressed this through a dealer support and training program. Interested parties can visit the web site at Guardian Pool Fence Systems Dealer Program.


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