Mesh Pet Barrier

Mesh Pet Gates For Dog Pool Safety

Pool safety for parents and pet owners is a must. You may not be aware, but just like a human, dogs can tire and drown if they fall into a pool. Animals are often thought to be self sufficient when it comes to water safety. Nothing could be further from the truth – while domestic pets may have four legs, they lack the ability to climb ladders well. Small breed dogs may not be able to push their front legs to the edge of the pool in order to escape.

A mesh pet barrier can be used to keep your furry friends out of harm’s way. These barriers can also be used to keep your pets away from the pool during a get-together or if small children are near, reducing the risk of a dog knocking a child into the pool or patio. Some fences or barriers are only a few feet high, while others can reach more than six feet in height.

When you are ready to invest in a mesh pet barrier, keep in mind your pet’s size along with their jumping ability. Even if a dog is a small breed they may be able to jump higher than you think!


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