Pool Fence
Without Drilling Holes

by Guardian

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The Only PATENTED Mesh Pool Fence That Doesn’t Require Drilling

Pet Fence

You’ve been asking, and we delivered…

Guardian Pool Fence Systems is delighted to introduce the world’s first patented “No Holespool fence system.

After extensive research, this ingeniously engineered pool fence that doesn’t require drilling represents a groundbreaking innovation. Whether you are a homeowner, have occasional child visitors, or simply seek a non-permanent pool fence solution, our engineered no-drill pool fence is tailored for you.

Without drilling holes, our patented No Holes Pool Fence features a robust base that provides exceptional stability for our poles. Filled with water, these bases become highly resistant to movement, ensuring the utmost security. However, when emptied, they are easily removable and compact for convenient storage.

Rest assured, our pool safety fence with no drilling required delivers the superior quality and safety that you have come to expect from Guardian products.

 Here’s How It Works:

  1. Position the high-density polyethylene bases strategically around the designated pool or area, ensuring secure interconnection of the bases.
  2. Fill each base with water. (Individually, the bases can hold approximately 8 gallons. When filled, each base weighs around 65 pounds. Due to the interconnected nature of these bases, their combined weight reaches several hundred or even thousands of pounds, thereby providing a robust and immovable fence unit.)
  3. Once the bases are correctly placed, interconnected, and filled, proceed to install our Guardian Premier Pool Fence into the bases. Finally, secure the mesh panels by engaging the hooking mechanism with our spring-loaded safety latches.

No Drill Pool Fence

Requires NO HOLES In The Ground

 Easy To Assemble


 US Patent #8,579,262


The Guardian’s No Holes line pool fencing system is available in 48″,(4 ft)  54″ (4.5 ft), and 60″ (5 ft) heights.


Pole Colors

Pole colors: grey, black, grey, green, mill, brown.


Mesh And Border Colors

Mesh: black, green, brown

Border: black, green, brown,  grey, beige

See our articles about picking the right color  and the right height for your mesh safety fence.

No Holes Pool Fence Picture Gallery

The Base

The bases have a length of 3 feet and a weight of approximately 65 pounds when filled with water. Each 12-foot section of the fence weighs about 260 pounds. Due to the substantial combined weight, the fence cannot be easily knocked over by children or pets, ensuring restricted access to the pool area.


Our Premier Fence Poles are expertly crafted using Marine Grade 6063 T6 aluminum poles, reinforced with durable PVC, and firmly secured to a ½” diameter chambered stainless steel rod at its base, ensuring excellent support for the fulcrum.

Pole Spacing

Our standard pole spacing is distanced at 36″.

Screws & Bolts

Our Guardian screws and eye bolts are crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel. For a cohesive look, we will apply a Teflon-like finish, matching the color of your chosen poles, unless otherwise specified. Unlike paint, our finish is engineered to resist peeling.


4 foot, 4 ½ foot or 5-foot heights. Custom heights are available. Pricing will vary. *The minimum height recommended by the U.S.C.P.S.C. is 4 feet.


Premier Guardlock Mesh


premier mesh
  • 5 stands x 5 strands per square inch weave.
  • Our most transparent mesh.
  • Excellent permeability.
  • Available in black, brown, and green.

Guardtex Mesh


Guardtex Mesh
  • 10 strands X 10 strands per square inch weave.
  • Excellent transparency.
  • Available in black.

Pet Mesh


pet mesh
  • 11 strands X 16 strands per square inch weave.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Available in black.


Hooks And Eyes

All Guardian Pool Fence Systems utilize hooks and eyes crafted from durable 304 stainless steel. BLACK TEFLON coated hooks and eyes are employed for dark-colored poles, while stainless steel finished hooks and eyes are utilized for light-colored poles. The coating of the hooks and eyes is solely for aesthetic purposes. Rest assured, our Teflon color coat is guaranteed not to peel.


Our padlocks are constructed from high-quality solid brass, featuring a reinforced brass shackle. These padlocks provide an effective measure against unauthorized fence removal, as they can be conveniently used to secure adjoining fence panels. Unlocking the potential for enhanced security, a key is required for fence removal. The average pool fence needs between 10 and 15 padlocks.


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