Pool Fence Suggestions

Type of pool fences


Installing a fence around your new pool is not just an excellent addition to your yard, but it is a necessity. Due to this, you need to determine what kind of pool fence is going to work for you. There are many different options available to you, ranging from rod iron and glass to wood and even mesh. Before you start the installation process (or hire a professional), you need to decide what material best fits your pool fence needs.


When looking at rod iron you might instantly be attracted to the finished look of the material. It is a sturdy fence and provides a sharp addition to the yard, but it is incredibly expensive. This might be one of the most expensive options out there when it comes to your fence. If you already spent a good deal on the pool you might not want to spend this much on the fence. Plus, the metal spikes on the top of most rod iron fences may prove dangerous, should you or someone attempt to climb over the fence.


Glass is a nice feature, as it gives the illusion of no fence at all. With that being said, it is also expensive and difficult to maintain. You pretty much have a few hundred feet of windows against dirt and bushes. This means in order to keep the clear, polished look, you must constantly wash and clean the glass windows. This may turn into more of a pain than anything else.


Wood is a classic choice when it comes to fences, and provides the most security, as individuals are not able to see through the wood. It is less expensive than the rod iron and glass fence features, but the upkeep might be one of the worst options. Not only do you need to clean the wood in order to prevent dirt build up and fading from occurring, but you also need to refinish and paint the wood every few years, otherwise you are left with the chipped, dull look.


A mesh fence is possible the least expensive option and the fastest to install. It also provides the least amount of upkeep. Essentially, there really isn’t any upkeep necessary for this kind of a fence. There is no cleaning or refinishing necessary, so if you want an inexpensive, quick and easy fence to maintain, mesh is the best option for your pool.