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Swimming Pool Regulations Are Becoming More Stringent Around the World

Since 2006, all in-ground swimming pools in France (whether for private or collective use) have been required to have an approved security system in place or they risk facing a fine up to €45,000. One of the four allowed security systems is a 5 foot tall, removable or permanent pool barrier with a self-closing gate. Guardian didn’t hesitate to have our fences rigorously tested in LNE laboratories so we could meet the demands of this new law. Our products meet AFNOR standard NF P90-306 and are certified to comply with the new French regulations for swimming pool safety.1

France isn’t the only country to implement pool fencing laws. Australia introduced their Swimming Pools Act in 1992 which required child-resistant pool barriers be installed2 and have made various updates since with their Swimming Pools Regulation 2008 and Swimming Pools Amendment Act 2012, which requires all pools be registered, inspected, and certified to ensure they meet the requirements of the Swimming Pool Act 1992.3 Shortly after France implemented their new pool safety law, Spain publicly announced their plans to follow suit and it won’t come as a surprise to see even more countries joining in.

Swimming pool safety precautions are becoming more of global concern and for good reason. Worldwide, drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional death in children.4 To keep the youth of our world safe and to keep up with ever-changing safety requirements, install your affordable Guardian Pool Fence System today.



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