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Why Is This The Safest & Strongest Pool Fence In The World?

It Starts With The Pole!

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Throughout our 30+ years of experience, we’ve conducted extensive trials on a multitude of pole materials, all in pursuit of supreme strength and unwavering durability. Our perseverance has led us to discover the ultimate combination: a PVC reinforced Marine Grade 6063 T6 aluminum pole, firmly secured to a ½” diameter chambered stainless steel rod.

But wait, the ingenuity doesn’t stop there! With the inclusion of the stainless steel rod, this pole triumphs with unparalleled unbreakability at the fulcrum point. And what’s more, we’ve engineered this groundbreaking design to allow us to drill dime-sized holes in your deck, setting us apart from our competitors who settle for those clunky half-dollar holes.

So, why settle for anything less than extraordinary? Join countless satisfied customers and choose our exceptional Original Pole with its outstanding features. Your deck will thank you!

Premier vs Original Pole

Guardian’s Premier Swimming Pool Fencing is the latest addition to our lineup – a cutting-edge, robust, and user-friendly system. Our pool fence systems feature top-quality mesh, and the custom-designed Pet Mesh is exclusively used with our Premier Pole.

We have gone above and beyond to ensure that our removable mesh pool fence pole is the safest and strongest in the industry. Check out our Premier Pole Strength Test Video to witness how our product outperforms other pool fence poles available in the market.

Guardian’s Premier Pool Fence with Locking Deck Sleeves is the First Mesh Fence to Meet Building Code*

When Guardian’s Premier Mesh Swimming Pool Fencing is combined with our Patented Locking Deck Sleeves, it meets the stringent building codes of both Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City, ensuring utmost safety.

locking deck sleeveOur Locking Deck Sleeves securely anchor your fence posts into the ground and require the use of tools for installation and removal. To further enhance safety, removal is only possible from within the perimeter of the fence.

While the convenience of premier removable mesh swimming pool fencing is highly valued by our everyday customers, the permanence of a mesh fence is particularly appealing in settings such as foster homes and day-cares, which need to comply with state agency regulations concerning children’s safety.

If you reside outside of Los Angeles County and require a fence that meets regulatory agency requirements or new construction codes, please consult your local agencies and building departments to ascertain if our products meet their specifications.

Why We No Longer Use Fiberglass In Our Safety Fence Poles?

Some of our competitors emphasize the durability of their fiberglass poles, but Guardian has made a deliberate choice to move away from fiberglass in our pole construction.

Initially, fiberglass appeared to be a logical choice for enhancing pole strength and durability. It successfully passed our rigorous strength tests and showed promise in a controlled environment. However, after observing its performance in the field, we encountered a potentially hazardous issue associated with broken fiberglass.

When a pole reinforced with fiberglass broke, it posed risks such as eye and skin irritation, as well as potential respiratory tract issues. In California, since 1991, fiberglass is even categorized as a potential cancer-causing material, requiring special labeling. The removal process of a broken fiberglass pole necessitated installers to wear protective gear, including long sleeves, pants, gloves, and eye protection. Furthermore, thorough cleaning with soap and water was required to ensure proper disposal of the fibers, safeguarding our customers from any potential hazards. Considering these risks, which jeopardized the well-being of the families and employees we strive to protect, our decision to move away from fiberglass-reinforced poles was justified.

We embarked on a quest to find a safer alternative. Drawing from past experiences, we knew that reinforcing the entire aluminum pole solely with PVC would not yield the desired strength. In testing, PVC-reinforced poles broke at the fulcrum, where the pole and ground meet, even at lower levels of pressure compared to the fiberglass-reinforced ones. We were relentless in our pursuit of an alternative solution, one that could match or exceed the strength of our initial upgraded pole. Eventually, we reached an epiphany: stainless steel!

We opted to reinforce the bottom portion of our pole with a stainless steel rod, fortifying the fulcrum – the most vulnerable area prone to breakage. To strike a balance between lightweight design and durability, we combined stainless steel with other materials. The result surpassed our expectations during testing, offering unparalleled strength, durability, and safety when compared to fiberglass.

Our commitment to innovation and prioritizing the safety of our customers and employees guided us on this journey. By making informed decisions and embracing advanced materials like stainless steel, we ensure that Guardian’s poles are not only reliable but also provide peace of mind.

After many years of testing and trials, we are proud to present the SAFEST and STRONGEST removable mesh pool fence in the industry, Guardian’s Premier Pool Fence.

* Guardian’s Premier Mesh Pool Fence with Locking Deck Sleeves meets the building code regulations of California State, Los Angeles City, and County. If you reside outside of LA County and require a fence that complies with regulatory agency requirements or new construction codes, please consult your local agencies and building departments to ascertain if our product aligns with their specific specifications.


The Guardian’s Premier line pool fencing system is available in 48″,(4 ft)  54″ (4.5 ft), and 60″ (5 ft) heights.


Pole Colors

Pole colors: grey, black, grey, green, mill, brown.


Mesh And Border Colors

Mesh: black, green, brown

Border: black, green, brown,  grey, beige

See our articles about picking the right color  and the right height for your mesh safety fence.

The Superior Removable Mesh Pool Gate

All Guardian Pool Gates Are Climb-Resistant, Self-Closing, Self-Latching, and Key-Lockable

Each Guardian Pool Fence System offers the choice of installing our patented climb-resistant, self-closing, self-latching, key-lockable mesh gate. We utilize top-of-the-line materials and hardware available in the market to deliver the utmost quality pool gate in the industry.



Climb-Resistant: Guardian has developed a gate that does not feature a crossbar, resulting in a reduced chance of children climbing over. By utilizing trusses on each side to manage gate tension, our gate ensures safety without compromising aesthetics. Crafted from high-quality 6061 marine grade aluminum, our gate trusses can be powder coated in various colors to seamlessly match our pool fence.

Self-Closing: Tru-Close hinges are renowned as the most dependable self-closing gate hinges available on the market. That’s why we incorporate them into every Guardian Gate. These hinges are exceptionally durable, fabricated with a stainless steel torsion spring, and coated with UV-stabilized materials. You can trust that they will withstand any binding, sagging, or staining. Furthermore, adjusting them is a breeze as it only requires a screwdriver. Rest assured, they are backed by a 100% Rust-Free For Life guarantee.

Self-Latching: The MagnaLatch Safety Gate Latches were purposefully crafted to secure gates around swimming pools, yards, and child care centers. Paired with the self-closing Tru-Close hinges, they meet all child safety codes by automatically magnetically latching themselves shut. Additionally, this latch is key-lockable and includes a limited lifetime warranty. MagnaLatch, being the original and the best-selling magnetic latch globally, has maintained its reputation in the market.

United States Patent #5,664,769


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See Our Premier Pole Strength Test Video

The critical weak point of a pool fence pole is its junction with the ground, commonly referred to as the fulcrum. Proper installation minimizes the risk of pole breakage elsewhere, as external pressure exerted on the pole will pivot solely at this point, where the pole can resist.

To address this issue, we have devised a solution for our Premier Pool Fence Poles – a stainless steel pin strategically placed at the base to fortify and reinforce the pole, rendering it indestructible.

In order to demonstrate the efficacy of our product, we conducted a comparative test, aligning our Premier Pole alongside competitors’ poles and subjecting them to impact by a truck. Remarkably, our Premier Pole emerged unscathed, effortlessly returning to its upright position, unlike the others.

Take a look for yourself.



Our Premier Fence Poles are meticulously crafted using top-quality Marine Grade 6063 T6 aluminum poles, skillfully reinforced with durable PVC. These poles are securely fastened to a robust ½” diameter chambered stainless steel rod at its base, providing unwavering support to the fulcrum.

Pole Spacing

Our standard pole spacing measures at 36 inches. Custom lengths are available, and pricing will vary accordingly.

Screws & Bolts

All Guardian screws and eye bolts are manufactured using high-quality 304 stainless steel. To ensure a seamless integration with your selected poles, we provide a Teflon-like finish which can be customized according to your preference. Our finish is designed to outlast and outperform traditional paint, ensuring durability and longevity without the worry of peeling.


Our sleeves are made from a non-conductive high-density polyethylene (HDPE).


4 foot, 4 ½ foot or 5-foot heights. Custom heights are available. Pricing will vary. *The minimum height recommended by the U.S.C.P.S.C. is 4 feet.


Premier Guardlock Mesh


premier mesh
  • 5 stands x 5 strands per square inch weave.
  • Our most transparent mesh.
  • Excellent permeability.
  • Available in black, brown, and green.

Guardtex Mesh


Guardtex Mesh
  • 10 strands X 10 strands per square inch weave.
  • Excellent transparency.
  • Available in black.

Pet Mesh


pet mesh
  • 11 strands X 16 strands per square inch weave.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Available in black.


Hooks And Eyes

All Guardian Pool Fence Systems utilize hooks and eyes crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel. For a seamless aesthetic, we employ BLACK TEFLON coated stainless steel hooks & eyes for dark-colored poles, while light-colored poles are paired with stainless steel finished hooks and eyes. Rest assured, the coating is purely for visual purposes, and our Teflon color coat is guaranteed not to peel.


Our padlocks are crafted from premium solid brass with a sturdy brass shackle. They serve as excellent deterrents against unauthorized access to fences. By securing adjacent fence panels, padlocks ensure that a key is required for fence removal. On average, a pool fence typically requires anywhere between 10 to 15 padlocks.


Our padlocks are made of solid brass with a solid brass shackle. To prevent unauthorized removal of the fence, padlocks can be used to lock adjoining fence panels, requiring a key for fence removal. The average needs between 10 and 15 padlocks.

Do you want to install it yourself?

Experience the finest patented components that are synonymous with Guardian Pool Fence Systems, now available for convenient DIY installation.

Our esteemed brand, ChildGuard®, sets the standard for Do-It-Yourself Pool Fence systems. We offer the same premium-quality mesh pool fence as our renowned dealer network here at Guardian Pool Fence. The only distinction is that our ChildGuard® series is designed specifically for DIY enthusiasts who prefer to install the fence themselves. If you are in search of a top-tier do-it-yourself pool fence system, ChildGuard® is the unrivaled choice.

To explore and purchase our Do It Yourself line, please visit:

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