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Becoming a Guardian Pool Fence dealer offers a highly fulfilling opportunity. Upon qualification, you will join an innovative company committed to safeguarding children through pool safety. With Guardian’s presence spanning 11 countries across three continents, our products are shipped globally. We aspire to expand our customer base by engaging passionate individuals like yourself, in order to further protect children from pool-related injuries and fatalities.

The rapidly growing market for removable mesh pool fence has proven to be a lucrative addition to ongoing safety, pool, or fence-related businesses. Approximately 50% of our dealers are established companies that have chosen to offer our esteemed products, boosting their overall revenue. The other half of our dealers work with Guardian on a full-time basis. Additionally, we have exclusive dealers who promote and install the renowned Guardian Pool Fences within their designated territories.

State and local regulatory standards now mandate the use of five-foot-tall permanent fencing with self-closing gates. Over the past decade, we have diligently ensured compliance with local building codes, making our products the top choice for pool builders, fence contractors, architects, daycares, and parents. Our dealers come from diverse backgrounds, including firefighting, law enforcement, the medical field, education, contracting, and business, creating valuable partnerships with various industries.

We measure our worldwide success through our extensive and ever-growing customer base. By manufacturing the world’s safest removable mesh pool fences and providing education on pool safety options, we actively contribute to pool safety. Our dealers play a crucial role in fostering this vital relationship.

Guardian Will Give You A Competitive Edge

As a Guardian dealer, you can take advantage of numerous value propositions we offer:

  • Being associated with an internationally recognized brand and well-established company.
  • Minimal startup investment, low inventory, and overhead costs.
  • No franchise or royalty fees.
  • A competitive product line, including our patented No Holes Fence and Premier Fence with Locking Deck Sleeve that complies with building code*.
  • Exceptional, week-long, hands-on training at our Los Angeles-based factory conducted by our CEO, Vice President, and Head Installer, at no cost to you.
  • Excellent organic online SEOs, accompanied by a robust online marketing presence.
  • We provide warm leads, proven selling techniques, marketing strategies, and continuous consulting to bolster your business and ensure your success.

Be a part of our Future

See if you have what it takes to join the Best Dealer Network In The Industry.

Please let us know if you meet the criteria to be part of the esteemed Best Dealer Network in the industry.

  • Are you a seasoned professional with a strong business acumen?
  • Do you possess a deep commitment to delivering exceptional customer service?
  • Are you dedicated to continuous improvement and ongoing training?
  • Additionally, do you have the necessary financial resources?
  • Are you an enthusiastic self-starter who excels in building relationships?


If your response is an affirmative “YES” to all of these questions, an exciting new chapter with Guardian could be awaiting you!

Feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail us to explore this business opportunity in more detail.

US and Canada: 1-800-366-SAFE(7233)
Outside of North America: +1-818-767-7233

 * Guardian’s Premier Mesh Pool Fence with Locking Deck Sleeves complies with Los Angeles City and County Building Code (one of the strictest in the country). If you live outside of LA County and need a fence to satisfy regulatory agency requirements or new construction codes, please reference your local agencies and building departments to determine if we satisfy their required specifications.

*** US PATENT 7,334,957


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