Pool Fence Costs

How Much Pool Fence Cost

If you have a swimming pool in your home, you need to ensure that great precautionary measures are taken to avoid accidents especially if you have children or pets. A pool fence is the first line of defense against tragic accidents because it deters your children or pets from accessing the swimming pool without your permission or supervision. In fact, it is required by law to install a premium pool fence that has a lockable gate of you have a swimming pool at home. The average cost of installing a pool fence is $1,500 – $2,500 depending on the materials you are planning to use and the size of the fence. However, you should understand that the cost of installing a swimming pool fence is determined by a number of factors and not solely on the number of linear feet of fence you need. Other factors that determine the cost of installing a pool fence include:

  • The height of the fence
  • Number of gates you are planning to have
  • The surface on which the fence is being installed (grass, dirt, pavers etc.) The surface dictates the type of equipment and materials to be used to make the fence last longer and in perfect condition. Also, the surface will determine labor requirements thus affecting the total cost of installation
  • Layout and components that are needed during installation

In many cities and counties, there are specified pool fence laws that are aimed at preventing children from gaining access to the pool by either getting over, through or under the fence. An effective pool safety fence should have the following specifications:

  • Should be at least 4 feet tall
  • Should have no handholds or footholds that allow climbing over the fence
  • Should offer less than 4 inches clearance on the bottom to prevent children from going under the fence
  • Should have a self-closing, self-locking gate to guarantee that the gate is always locked

Having a pool fence should be a requirement even though it might be costly. A pool fence costs around $17-$23 per linear foot and hence the total area covered will determine the cost of materials. Even so, the materials you choose will also affect your total cost. There are different types of pool fences to choose from depending with your preference and budget e.g. wooden planks fence, removable fences, bars made out of steel/ aluminum or wrought iron and even glass panel fences! Each of these fences has its pros cons, hence, you need to research thoroughly to make the right choice.

Additional cost factors

Besides the type of fence you choose, these factors will also impact the final cost of installing a pool fence:

  • Alarms – most people prefer installing an alarm on the fence gate to further boost security. If you are planning to install an alarm on the back door of your house or on your pool fence gate, be prepared to spend more
  • Location – materials and labor needed in installation cost more in some areas. Hence, the availability of labor and installation materials may impact your budget. For instance, you might have to drive around looking for installation materials or a contractor
  • Removal of an existing fence – if you already have an existing fence, you will have to remove it before installing a new one. You will probably need to hire a handyman at a cost or you can do it yourself
  • The contractor you hire – contractors have different prices. To get a better deal, get at least 3 quotes from different contractors to help you compare and make a choice. However, don’t make price your main factor to consider when hiring a contractor because there are unreliable contractors out there offering lower prices.  You will get what you pay for.


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