Mesh Pet Fence

Guardian’s Removable Mesh Pet Fence

Guardian has dedicated over five years to the development of our specialized reinforced mesh pet fence system capable of withstanding the scratching and jumping of various pets. Our 100% polyvinyl-coated polyester removable mesh pet fence showcases 11×16 strands per square inch weave, which effectively minimizes hole size and challenges pets when it comes to clawing and stretching. Referred to as “Pet Mesh,” this transparent, UV-resistant, and wind-permeable solution ensures optimum durability and functionality.

The Quest For “Pet Mesh”

Mesh Pet Fene

The demand for permanent or temporary fence barriers for dogs and other pets prompted widespread interest in our Removable mesh pool fencing across the United States. Despite our warnings that the pool fence mesh is not designed to withstand animal clawing and jumping, some customers persisted in using it for this purpose. Consequently, customers would occasionally report to us, within days or months, that their pets (typically dogs) had rendered the pool fence dysfunctional by tearing it apart. These challenges, however, ignited our determination at Guardian to develop a durable “pet mesh” capable of withstanding relentless animal torment.

During a fabric trade show in 2002, we discovered a promising mesh material. Through testing at a local kennel, it yielded excellent results and was subsequently incorporated into our early pet barrier gates. Although effective against most pets, we soon realized that a percentage of animals still managed to surpass this fence, motivating us to pursue a stronger mesh solution.

In 2005, a manufacturer presented us with a video demonstrating a mesh material that demonstrated tolerance against large and aggressive dogs. Eager to evaluate its capabilities firsthand, we conducted tests and found that it did not possess the desired level of resistance. However, our attention was drawn to the unique stitching technique employed, which inspired us to re-engineer our mesh reinforcement methods. As a result, Guardian now offers the most advanced and best mesh pet fence available on the market.

Pet Fence Poles

Guardian’s Premier Pole is the most robust and resilient removable mesh fence pole in the industry, which explains its extensive implementation across our pet fence range. Regardless of whether your pet weighs 15 lbs or 150 lbs, our Premier Pole, equipped with stainless steel pins, is designed to endure the strain from their jumping and leaning.

Every component of Guardian’s pet safety barrier fences is subjected to rigorous testing and relentless refinement. The Guardian Pet Fence System stands out as truly unique within the pet fence industry. Moreover, the removable and easily stored nature of these retractable fences for dogs and other pets allows for convenient disassembly and reassembly as needed.


The Guardian’s Pet Fence System is available in 48″,(4 ft)  54″ (4.5 ft), and 60″ (5 ft) heights.


Pole Colors

Pole colors: grey, black, grey, green, mill, brown.


Mesh And Border Colors


Border: black, green, brown,  grey, beige

Black Poles And Boders

Our pet fence gates are self-closing and self-latching

Every Guardian Fence System offers the option to install our patented climb-resistant, self-closing, self-latching, key-lockable mesh gate. We utilize premium materials and hardware to deliver the highest quality pool gate available in the industry.

Climb-Resistant: Guardian engineered a unique gate design without a crossbar. This innovation significantly reduces the chance of pets climbing over the gate, as there is no leverage point. Instead, our gate features trusses on each side for gate tension control. These gate trusses are constructed from 6061 marine-grade aluminum and can be powder-coated to match our pool fence colors.

Self-Closing: Our gates are equipped with Tru-Close hinges, renowned for their reliability as self-closing gate hinges. These hinges are durable, incorporating a stainless steel torsion spring and a UV-Stabilized coating to prevent binding, sagging, or staining. Adjustments are simple with just a screwdriver, and they come with a 100% Rust-Free For Life guarantee.

Self-Latching: MagnaLatch Safety Gate Latches are purposefully designed for securing gates around swimming pools, yards, and child care centers. Alongside the self-closing Tru-Close hinges, these latches magnetically latch the gate shut. The latch is also key-lockable and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. MagnaLatch remains the world’s best-selling magnetic latch on the market.

Our self-closing gate is so unique that it is protected by a US patent. United States Patent #5,664,769


All of Guardian’s trusses can be powder coated in the same colors as our pet fence.


The pins that go into the deck sleeves are stainless steel.

Pet Fence Picture Gallery

Removable pet fences offer a secure and efficient solution to keep your beloved furry companions contained. Our flexible and durable fences provide a convenient pet or play area without the limitations of a permanent fence. We offer fences of various sizes to suit different living environments.

Our optional gate system boasts self-closing and self-latching features, with the added security of key-lock capability, ensuring your pets stay within their designated area. Constructed with high-grade aluminum and strength-tested mesh, our fences provide optimal security, even for the most resilient pets.



Our Premier Fence Poles are meticulously crafted using Marine Grade 6063 T6 aluminum poles, fortified with PVC, and firmly anchored to a robust ½” diameter chambered stainless steel rod at its base, ensuring optimal support for the fulcrum.

Pole Spacing

Our standard pole spacing is set at 36 inches. Custom lengths are also available, with pricing subject to variation.

Screws & Bolts

All Guardian screws and eye bolts are crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel. Furthermore, unless otherwise specified, we will apply a Teflon-like finish to both components, matching the color of your chosen poles. It is worth noting that our finish surpasses typical paint, ensuring durability and preventing any peeling.


Our sleeves are made from a non-conductive high-density polyethylene (HDPE).


4 foot, 4 ½ foot or 5-foot heights. Custom heights are available. Pricing will vary. *The minimum height recommended by the U.S.C.P.S.C. is 4 feet.


Pet Mesh

pet mesh

11 strands X 16 strands per square inch weave.

Extremely durable.

Available in black.


Hooks And Eyes

All Guardian Pool Fence Systems’ hooks and eyes are constructed from high-quality 304 stainless steel. For dark-colored poles, we utilize BLACK TEFLON coated stainless steel hooks & eyes, while stainless steel finished hooks and eyes are employed for light-colored poles. The application of coats on the hooks and eyes is solely for aesthetic purposes. Rest assured, our Teflon color coat is both durable and non-peeling.


Our padlocks are fabricated from high-quality solid brass and feature a durable solid brass shackle. By utilizing padlocks, one can effectively deter unauthorized removal of the fence by securing adjoining fence panels, necessitating the use of a key for fence removal. On average, a pool fence typically requires 10 to 15 padlocks.

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