pool fence in austin texas

Are you a pool owner in Texas? If yes, you may have heard about the importance of pool fence installation. A pool fence is a critical part of pool safety as it helps prevent accidental drownings and injuries. 

Texas gets hot, and when that summer sun warms you up, having a pool in your yard is like having your own private oasis. The one factor that can quickly turn a pool from a fun zone to a danger zone is an accidental drowning. Sadly, this happens more often than it should.

Any pool owner needs to place safety as their top priority along with a pool cover, you need to consider getting a pool fence installed. Many cities in Texas require a pool fence and many homeowners consider a mesh pool fence to be the best option. If you’re looking to install a pool fence in Texas, you should opt for mesh pool fencing for multiple reasons. 

Why Have a Pool Fence?

The most crucial reason for installing a pool fence is to ensure safety around your swimming pool. Whether you have children or pets or guests who come over for a swim, a pool fence will prevent accidental falls and drowning. Additionally, in Texas, homeowners with pools are legally obliged to have a fence installed around their pool area. Failure to do so can attract heavy penalties and fines. So, getting a pool fence installed should be a top priority for every Texas pool owner.

Mesh fences are cheap and easy to install and the best part is they are hard to climb.  So, even those really determined kids cannot get past it.

Mesh fencing is durable and versatile so it can fit into any style you already have in your yard. One aspect to keep in mind is the height. In most cases, you must have a fence of at least four feet tall. As long as the body of water (either in-ground or above ground) is at least 18 inches deep, you need to have a fence. If the mesh pool fence is not your first choice, pool fences come in wood, glass, and metal, all with their own advantages.

Other materials tend to give a “closed-in” feeling, but mesh fences still make it feel as if you are out in the open. Pool fences are essentially there for peace of mind and mot appearance, which is why mesh is a preferred option. Pool fencing is a necessity for homeowners with pools. They can protect children, the elderly and pets from accidents. A pool is not fun if it is a hazard and a constant source of worry, so get a pool fence installed today and dive in.

Pros of Mesh Pool Fencing

Mesh pool fencing is a popular choice among pool owners in Texas for various reasons. Here are some of the key advantages and disadvantages of mesh pool fencing.


  • Mesh pool fencing is highly durable and long-lasting, with an average lifespan of 15-20 years.
  • Since mesh pool fencing is lightweight and easy to install, no heavy machinery or special tools are required, saving time and costs.
  • Mesh pool fencing is transparent, which provides a clear view of the pool area, making it an especially good choice for large residential areas.

Pool Fence Requirements in Texas

Pool safety requirements vary across the nation, with no uniform national standard for pool fences. However, every municipality may establish its unique set of building code requirements to ensure pool safety. To ensure the safety of your pool area, it is crucial to diligently research and adhere to the specific regulations in your local community.

The fence requirements and codes are put in place to ensure the safety of children and prevent accidents. As a pool owner, you have a responsibility to maintain a safe pool environment, and that includes having a compliant pool fence. Remember to keep the pool gate locked when not in use and supervise children at all times when they’re playing near the pool.

Let’s take a look at the common pool fence requirements and codes in Texas that you may have to comply with as a pool owner.

Height and Design

According to some Texas law, a pool fence must be at least four feet high. The fence should be designed in a way that prevents children from climbing over or going under it. Vertical slats, chain link, and aluminum panels are common designs for pool fences.

Latches and Locks

Pool gates should be self-closing and self-latching. They should open outward from the pool area and be located at least three feet away from any landscaping, trees, or exterior wall. The latch should be placed at least 54 inches above the ground and be out of reach of children. Additionally, the lock for the gate should be secured with a key.


Pool fences should be made of sturdy and durable materials. Here are some common materials used for pool fence construction:

  • Mesh: This material is affordable, easy to install, and durable.
  • Aluminum: This material is lightweight, rust-resistant, and easy to maintain.
  • Vinyl: This material is weather-resistant, does not require painting or staining, and is available in different styles.
  • Wood: This material provides a natural look that blends well with landscaping.

Non-Compliance Penalties

If you do not comply with the pool fence requirements and codes in Texas, you will be subject to fines and legal action. Moreover, if someone is injured or drowns in your pool and you did not maintain a compliant pool fence, you could be held liable.

How Much Does Mesh Pool Fencing Cost in Texas?

Mesh pool fence cost in Texas varies depending on several factors, including fence material, installation, and maintenance. Typically, mesh pool fences can cost between $1,500 and $3,000 for a standard-size pool. However, the price can go up if you have an irregular-shaped pool, require a custom-built fence, or need additional features like self-closing gates. To get a more accurate estimate, you can contact a professional pool fence installer in your area.

Although the initial cost may seem high, it’s important to consider the long-term savings that a mesh pool fence can bring. First, a fence can prevent accidents and injuries around the pool, which can save you thousands of dollars in medical bills and legal fees. Second, a mesh fence is relatively low maintenance, which means you won’t have to spend money on expensive repairs or replacements.

Another benefit of mesh pool fences is that they are aesthetically pleasing and blend well with any backyard design. Mesh material allows you to maintain a clear view of your pool, while at the same time, keeping your kids and pets safe. Some mesh fence designs also come with attractive features like UV resistance, color options, and border trims that can enhance your pool area’s beauty.

When choosing a mesh pool fence, it’s important to consider the quality of the material. Not all mesh fences are created equal, and some may not withstand extreme weather conditions or heavy impact. Additionally, you may want to check if the fence meets local safety codes and regulations.

Best Pool Fence Dealers in Texas

If you are looking for a reliable pool fence dealer in Texas, look no further than Guardian Pool Fence. With over 30 years of experience in the pool fence industry, Guardian is a top-rated company that provides high-quality products at affordable prices. Our mesh pool fencing is perfect for those who want a durable, easy-to-install fence that is also visually appealing. Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty on our pool fencing products, giving you peace of mind and security.

Guardian Pool Fence’s Premier Pool Fence is a must-have if you want to ensure that your pool complies with most building codes and regulations. These fences are made from high-quality materials ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting. These fences come in a range of colors and heights that will complement any outdoor space while keeping your children safe. The fence also comes with a self-closing and latching gate that is key-lockable, ensuring that your children can’t enter the pool without your supervision. What’s more, these fences can be customized to fit any pool size and shape, making them the perfect fit for your pool.

If you don’t want to drill holes in your beautiful backyard Guardian Pool Fence has a solution for that too! The No Holes Pool Fence is an innovative fence that requires no drilling in the ground. This feature not only saves you from damaging or altering your landscape, but it also saves you a considerable amount of time and money on the installation. This fence is made from high-quality materials, including marine-grade aluminum, ensuring that it is corrosion-resistant and sturdy. With its unique fence system, this fence can be easily removed and stored in a hassle-free manner. Overall, the no holes pool fence is an excellent option for those who want a pool fence that provides maximum protection without altering the look of their yard.