8 Reasons To Choose Guardian Pool Fence Sytems



Los Angeles County and City have approved our 5-foot tall Premier Pool Fence with Locking Deck Sleeve to meet building code. We have the first mesh pool fence to satisfy L.A.’s strict requirements.



2Our system has also been approved in many other municipalities within Canada, Central America, UAE, and France.




3 We manufacture the strongest and safest mesh pool fences on the market. Please see our Strength Test Video.




4We offer the first and only climb-resistant mesh gate in the industry. One of the first design Guardian made after opening its doors in 1995 was inventing our gate without a top crossbar. No crossbar = No gate supported leverage to climb.



5Guardian has exclusive products which are designed to prevent children from unsupervised access to the pool area. Our United States Patents guarantee that no other company can offer the safety that we do.



6We have an expertly trained international dealer network that expands across 3 continents and 11 countries. If we don’t have a dealer near you, Contact Us to learn about your next best option.



7We offer a variety of options that meet a wide range of safety requirements, levels of permanence, budgets, aesthetic taste, and landscape designs.




8We are the only mesh pool fence manufacturer that offers a No Holes option. Our No Holes Fence System does not require drilling.


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