Winter Pool Party Ideas

 Let’s Have a Winter Pool Party


Winter doesn’t have to always put a damper on poolside fun. Plan a memorable pool party! It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing: this the season to marry dreary weather with a warm pool!

holiday winter pool party

Set the Scene

Light up the pool with LED floating lights that are appropriate for water use. Give each guest a colorful Hawaiian lei. Place some floating snack trays into the water so your guests can nibble without leaving the comfort of the pool. 

Games & Prizes

Never underestimate traditional pool games. Marco Polo and volleyball can help ‘break the ice’ if you’re mixing new friends or family members that haven’t met each other before. (Just don’t forget to take your floating snack trays out of the water or things could get messy during game-time!)

Don’t forget the prizes especially if you’re throwing a party with lots of children. Place your prizes with numbers on a poolside table. Fill the pool with rubber ducks. Put numbers on the ducks’ bottoms with a permanent marker. Let each child pick a duck. When someone finds the duck with a number one, they get the corresponding prize on the table, and so on.

Snacks and Beverages

Consider serving snacks or candies with a water theme. Check your grocery store or local candy store for:
     • Fish or shark-shaped gummy candies
     • Gummy worms
     • Fish-shaped crackers
     • Chocolate river rocks
     • Flavored waters or tropical juices

Cut cookies or sandwiches into fish shapes. Serve the snacks in fish bowls from the dollar store or on fish-shaped serving plates. 

If you’re serving adult beverages, place a couple of plastic fish or miniature beach balls in or around any ice buckets or coolers.


Place beach or camping chairs around the pool. Arrange picnic blankets in the midst of groups of chairs so the children can pretend to have a beach picnic. (If you don’t have enough chairs, state in your party invitations that your guests should bring their own.)

Winter may make it difficult to envision throwing a poolside party but, in fact, it may be the best time to do so. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, just give your guests (and yourself) some time away from dreary winter weather with a day of special snacks, games and warm memories.

For pool safety considerations, check out the Guardian Pool Fence system’s mesh pool fences.