It is worthwhile to invest in pool maintenance. Everyday pool care and maintenance go a long way in saving you the stress and time that you may use to carry out large-scale repairs later. Also, by doing this, you not only save money when it’s time to re-open the pool after the winter season, but you also prevent any damage associated with freezing or polluted pool water. Whenever you are set to re-open your pool for the warm season, you want to avoid the shock that comes with broken equipment, and pool water and surface contamination. Some of the pool items that need constant care include:

  • Pool water
  • Filter
  • Heater
  • Pump
  • Covers

Winter Pool Maintenance

Tips to Care for Your Pool during Off-Season

  1. Always keep track of your water level- accurate water level keeps the pool primed and safe-guards the pool pump. With the winter season, the pool water should be 4 to 6 inches lower than the skimmer. However, summer seasons call for water levels almost filled to the pool’s brim.
  2. Clear unnecessary materials from the pool- Maintain clean pool water by always emptying the pump baskets, skimmer baskets, cleaner bags, and floor cleaner containers.
  3. Keep a check on all your pool gadgets- conduct a backwash, clean your filter, and monitor the filter gauge, heater and pool pump at all times.
  4. Maintain a balance on the water chemistry- such include alkalinity, PH, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid.
  5. Keep an eye on freezing weather- observe the freeze guard to ensure that there’s pool equipment circulation. The freezing weather can cause water expansion and destroy equipment and plumbing.
  6. Keep a clean pool surface- Ensure you vacuum, skim, and brush organic debris weekly to avoid the appearance of green, smelly water. Clean floors, walls, and surfaces prevent the growth of algae.

A pool cover is a significant equipment for maintaining your pool during winter. Having all the required knowledge needed in regards to pool covers is necessary for every pool owner that takes the welfares of their pools seriously. One critical care for your pool cover, which enables it to give you the proper service needed includes.

Maintaining the Shape of Your Pool Cover

You do this by:

  • Making sure that you remove every garbage and water off your cover. You will achieve this by using a hose to remove trash such as twigs and leaves and utilize a vacuum to remove excess water that may overburden the pool cover and make it lose its shape and purpose.
  • Pull the snow from your pool cover using a roof rake- extra weight input by the snows on your pool cover may cause extensive damage, and especially for the over-ground pools. Always purpose to remove the snow when it is fresh because then, it becomes easier to handle it. However, ensure that you take all the precautionary measures when handling the snow.
  • Making sure that the cover attaches well to the pool- make certain the tightening of the cables and securing the cover clips. If your pool is an in-ground pool, ensure that the water bags and blocks are safe-guarded, with all components in place.

Timing the Pool Preparations for Summer

Phone weather app alerts- it enables you to access your local weather forecast quickly. You are then able to make prior arrangements and set everything in place needed for the seasonal days ahead. Have a digital timer in place, which contains a temperature sensor- this will always notify you whenever the temperatures are at dangerous levels that call for immediate attention.

Keep your swimming pool secure with a Guardian Pool Fence