Winter Care for Your In-Ground Pool

Taking care of your pool is serious business. Ignoring it or skipping important steps in its daily maintenance can lead to hundreds, even thousands of dollars in damage. Reversing the effects of pool-care malpractice is much more difficult than putting forth the effort to keep it in shipshape. With the holiday season fast approaching, here are a few tips to shut down your pool for the off-season the right way.


1. The first, and most important step in winter pool care is identifying any damage that already exists in your pool. Cracks, leaks, and any other damage will only get worse with the harsher winter temperatures, so fixing them before they have a chance to do so is imperative.


2. Remove all water from the heater, pump, filter, and any other tubing. While this may be a hassle, any water that remains in these areas during the winter season could very well freeze and cause substantial damage. You can use a shop vacuum to remove the water, but exercise caution with more fragile items, such as the tubing.

3. Remove any items that remain in and around the pool. Ladders, slides, skimmer baskets, or any miscellaneous items submerged in the water should all be taken out.


4. The water level should be lowered by draining the water in the sewer lines. It isn’t necessary to drain the pool completely. Lower the water level beneath the lowest pool return or below any ceramic tiles that you have decorating the pool walls.


5. Finally, cover your pool with a safety cover. The cover should secure firmly around the edges of the pool. If the cover shows any signs of damage, replace it immediately. Make sure to check under the cover, as well as the cover itself, every few weeks.


Using these tips, your pool will make it through the winter and cause you minimal headaches. If you need help remembering to check on your pool, check out Allstate’s Maintenance Reminder. It will help you remember everything from checking up on the water to changing the oil in your car.