Natural Sanitizer

In the United States, local convenience stores across the country continue to sell out as COVID-19 panics increase and quarantine continues. Whether you live in a metropolitan or rural area, the demand for germ-free solutions to fight the epidemic has never been higher. We can only assume that similar scenes are taking place on every corner of the earth as the global pandemic continues. For those looking to “flatten the curve”, disinfectants can play a crucial role, especially in pools and spas.

Over the past decade, the use of disinfectants has increased considerably. Very recently, all-natural disinfectants have been honored for their simplicity, their powerful cleaning properties, their natural moisturizing formulas and their ability never to leave the skin dry.

Importance And Application Of Sanitizers

With more attention given to H1N1 and quick and easy ways to slow it down and prevent it, disinfectants have once again been identified as the first line of defense. However, having a disinfectant in pool or spa is key. Also, the way the disinfectant is applied and the ingredients it contains play a considerable role in its effectiveness.

To get most of each application, apply it to your water as per the instructions on the label.

Advantages Of Natural Sanitizers To Non-Natural Sanitizers

Many unnatural disinfectants contain phthalates and other harmful chemicals, which, most of the time, are camouflaged with delicate labeling and simply say “scent”. Phthalates are endocrine disruptors and are not suitable for the body, especially men, as they have been shown to reduce their sperm count after continued use. When it comes to the cleansing and disinfecting power, all-natural spa sanitizers are just as effective without the harmful chemicals they contain.


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