Why To Use Guardian Pool Fencing For Your Swimming Pool?

Why Fencing A Backyard Swimming Pool With Guardian Pool Fence Systems

School is out and summer has begun. Time to relax on a chaise lounge, grab a cold drink and take a swim in the backyard pool.

Proper maintenance and safety practices are essential for summertime fun and injury prevention. The most important safety feature, without question, is the installation of a fence around the pool. Fences should be high enough to keep young children from entering the pool area without assistance from an adult. A fence at least five feet high with a latch near the top has been the standard safety in the past 30 years for keeping children safe from accidental drownings in a family pool.

It is best to check with your state or county’s safety and building codes to see what is expected of homeowners who have private swimming pools. It is likely that there is a code in place to protect small children from entering pool areas and the responsibilities of home owners and parents. Guardian Pool Fences are building code approved in many municipalities.

Pool alarms which float in pools (only as a second line of safety) can be utilized and are helpful in alerting pool owners when an object has fallen into the pool that is over 10 or 15 pounds. This is enough weight to recognize a small dog or young child’s weight, but high enough that it will neglect small birds landing on the pool and pool toys blown in by wind. But this is after the fact. You want prevention. The best for prevention is installing a pool fence. We own 5 U.S. patents for our innovations in our Pool Fence design.

Home doors that have access to a pool should have alarms as well to notify homeowners and parents if a pool accessible door has been opened. In addition to fences, this is a smart and sensible addition to a home’s overall safety aspects.

This is important not only if you have small children but if you have friends or neighbors with small children as well. Homeowners are liable if a child that is not their own wanders into the yard and gains access to their swimming pool. This is not something anyone would envision, but the scenario has played out more times than law enforcement and homeowners would care to admit.

Fencing the pool is a priority when you have a pool. The area must be protected for the safety of not only small children but family pets. Many people have experienced the heartbreaking reality of finding a beloved dog drowned in the pool. Dogs are naturally curious and very attracted to brightly colored balls and inflatables wallowing in the water. Many dogs breeds are great swimmers, but just as many will panic when they find themselves suddenly in 3 or 4 feet of water. It’s often just deep enough that they cannot feel the bottom. Puppies, like children, will find the pool attractive on many levels, but unaware of course, of the dangers. A fence around the pool will bring peace of mind.

Fencing a backyard swimming pool is the single most important safety feature of pool ownership. There is no excuse to not have a pool fenced off and it’s probably a law in many parts of the country.

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