(Guardian) When Should I Open My Pool For Summer?

“When should I open my pool?” A question most pool owners ask once the weather starts to warm up. It is not just as easy as pulling off the cover as there are a few important factors to consider. The climate, water condition, and whether you have the right safety equipment all matters. You need to plan ahead before opening up your pool.

When Should I Open My Pool For Summer?

Before You Open

As the weather warms up during Spring, pool owners start thinking about summer and getting in the pool. But, there are risks to having the pool open too early. You want to make sure you plan appropriately. With safety being the top priority, make sure you have all equipment ready such as fences, gates, alarms, and covers. If any of these need repair, now is the time to do it. It may be warm, but you do not want to open the pool in spring. This is the ideal time to start prepping your pool though. Steady daily temperatures of 70 degrees are what you want, and in many places, this means not having to wait until summer. The truth is, you do not want to wait for summer. The extreme summer heat is perfect for algae growth and you can end up with too much right away. Trying to combat this while preparing the pool for use is an unnecessary challenge. It is a better idea to get the pool open and running just before summer.

Where Do I Start?

Start with prep work so you will have less to do when it is time to open the pool up. During the spring, you can start gathering tools and equipment, making sure everything is up to date, working, and close by. If you have a pool cover, you need to make sure you have a working water pump or a siphoning hose. Replace anything that is no longer working as well as chemicals that may be too old.


During the winter months, many pool owners will drain the pool below pipe levels, to prevent freezing. If you have done this, you need to be careful when you refill the pool. You do not want to open it up if the temperatures still get low. Wait until temperatures are steadily warm. If you want to open it while the weather is cool, you will need to keep the water heated to protect your pipes, but this is very expensive.

Plants and Pollen

Since Spring is the time that plants produce pollen, you want to keep this in mind. Depending on the plants in your area, you may end up with a lot of pollen before summer. If you open your pool too early, all this pollen can mess up the filtration system. Wait until the end of the season when there is less pollen or look at getting an automatic pool cover to close quickly whenever needed.

What Do You Have Planned?

Are you planning any events, BBQs, or parties? Chances are you will want the pool open so people don’t have to look at a pool cover. Whatever time you want the pool open, allow for two weeks of maintenance first. You need this time to properly balance the pool chemistry and ensure all equipment is safe and working..


Even though the weather is warming up, it may not be the best time to open your pool. By keeping these factors in mind and planning ahead, you can be sure to get your pool open for the next big event. Reach out to us for any questions regarding getting your pool ready for summer.


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