What’s The Correct Swimming Pool Etiquette?


What's The Correct Swimming Pool Etiquette

When a person is sharing a pool with others there are some basic rules that these should follow. While they are not written down there are some common swimming pool etiquettes that should be followed. This is especially true when swimming laps.

Find the Same Speed

When looking to join in on lap swimming a person should find the lane that is the closest to the speed that they want to travel at. This will keep a swimmer from holding the others up. If a person is going too slow people will get annoyed. If a person is going too fast the slower swimmers will feel rushed.

Share the Lane

There may be some cases where there will be more than two people swimming in the same lane. The best way to share the lane is to go in a circular rotation.

Pass With Care

When passing another swimmer that is going slower tap them on the foot. This way they will know that a person is looking to pass them. The person will then usually stop at the end of the lane and move so that the person behind them can pass.

Chat At the Side

Swimmers may want to chat with each other and share tips. This is fine but there are some common curtsy rules that the swimmer should follow. If they want to talk they should move to the sides of the lane or get out of the water. This will allow other swimmers to get by. A person should also move to the side if they need to take a break.

These are just some common etiquettes for swimmers to follow. While they are not written rules they will help people get along better and they will be able to share the pool with any incidents or accidents.


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