Welded Mesh Temporary Fencing Panels

Removable Fence

At Guardian Pool Fence Systems the most important thing is the safety of our customers and of their infants and young children.

We have invented and manufacture welded mesh temporary fencing panels for swimming pool areas. These panels are made of interlocking mesh and are the strongest and most transparent mesh on the market, which makes a removable fence that is not only safe but attractive. The use of these mesh panels in your swimming pool area serve only as a precautionary measure to help ensure the safety of your toddlers and young children. Responsible adult supervision is still advised and critical to the safety of your infants and children. Our removable fence will give homeowners with pools a greater peace of mind.

This mesh comes in Black, Brown and Green. Our standard fabric mesh called GUARDTEX is available from stock. The minimum height recommended by the U.S.C.P.S.C is 4′. It is our intention to comply with this requirement. 4½ and 5 foot heights are also available. Many of our customers have found that our new 4½ foot fence is more aesthetically pleasing.

For photos of our welded mesh removable fence visit our photo gallery. Here you can see how the removable fence is installed and get ideas of what designs you want for your swimming pool area. The fence lends itself to many design variations without compromising safety. This is our commitment to our families.