Not everyone will close down their pools during winter. Usually, you will find that several pool owners decide to keep the pools open at this time since some will still choose to enjoy the use of the facility even at such a season. Thus, for you to open your pool during winter and always enjoy the benefits, there are things that you must do. The greatest fear during winter for almost every pool owner is a frozen pool. Whenever you decide to keep your pool open, yet disregard the prevention of freeze damage, eventually, it will cost you a lot due to the severe outcome. Some of the problems that accompany a frozen pool include:

  • Cracked tools
  • Pipe-burst

However, with all the measures in place, you can avoid such a scene.

Ways to Protect Your Pool from Freeze Damage

Cover your pool to Retain Heat

By covering your pool, you ensure that there is heat retention in the water, hence avoiding the chances of a frozen pool. Solar cover best keeps your pool warm and maintains Heat.

Automate Water Circulation through a Freeze Protector

A freeze protector safeguards not only the pool but also the pipes from freezing. It protects your pool at all times, since you, the pool owner, will not always stay around to watch your pool from damage. The device powers your pool heater and the pump automatically, thus securing your pool against any freeze damage.

Winterize Your Pool Timely and Accurately

Always maintaining a constant temperature for your pool helps avoid freezing instances. Ensure your keep the pool temperature constant above 32 degrees freezing point.

Ensure Your Filter Pump Operates 24-Hours to Keep Pipes from Freezing

As much as this is an outdated method, it might as well be your best option. Running your filter pump 24-hours aids in backing up the pool heater through the flow of heated water, and also keeps steady the water temperature.

The Significance of a Skimmer Bottle

A skimmer bottle is a vital background-player that you may forget. It captures all the unnecessary materials that float in the pool waters. Whenever you keep your pool open during winter, the skimmer bottle will help with water flow. However, you must be very careful since any freezing water inside the skimmer bottle causes the thin PVC-made plastic fixture to crack due to over-expansion. Still, the skimmer bottle comes in handy. It acts as a pressure-absorber to relieve the stress which freezing inputs on the skimmer walls. Follow the procedure below to make the skimmer bottle:

  • Take an empty water bottle
  • Fill a third of the jar with pool anti-freeze
  • Place on the cap back
  • Thrust the bottle into the skimmer

Furthermore, maintaining an open valve during winter is the most secure and efficient method to keep your pool water warm and circulating. Always countercheck to ensure that all your valves are correctly positioned. Also, it is essential to always keep the right pool water level, especially during winter. Too high levels may wretch havoc by causing equipment damage and interfering with water circulation. As well, you can only maintain your water below the skimmer level when winterizing the pool.


Importantly, always maintain your pool water exactly at a mid-skimmer point during winter. With this, the water flows consistently, all through the pool system, therefore, constant water temperature, and hence, you keep the pool from freezing instances.

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