Last Updated on January 13, 2022

Pool Fences In Valley Village

Valley Village is a city in the San Fernando Valley and is a neighborhood of the greater Los Angeles Area. As a central location to the movie and television studies, many residential and HOA developments dominate the neighborhood. Many of these homes have pools and spas. Because the area experiences mostly sunny weather, the pools get a lot of use, so pool safety needs to be a top priority.

Pool Fences In Valley Village

Pool safety fences are the best way to ensure your loved ones are safe. A pool clover provides safety to an extent, but a pool fence with a latching gate is a necessity for any pool. Drowning is one of the top causes of death in young children, but you can prevent this by installing a pool safety fence. You can choose from many styles and materials including wood, metal, glass, and mesh.

Metal Fencing

Metal fences add a sharp look to the yard and are one of the most durable and sturdy types you can get. They are also a little more expensive than other materials. With metal fencing, you can typically choose between many colors and designs, so it is easy to match the fence to your home and yard decor. One option is to place decorative concrete slabs at even intervals with the fencing to create a distinct look. Depending on the pool location in your yard and the overall size of the yard, a tall metal fence or even a brick one may be better to separate out the yard.

Wood Fencing

Wood fences provide a more natural and classic look and give you extra privacy as people cannot see through the wooden pieces. Wood is also expensive, although not as high in price as metal fencing can be. The upkeep of wood fences is the biggest downside because you have to clean the wood regularly to prevent dirt buildup and fading. Wood fences can also be painted to match the home or yard decor.

Mesh Fencing

These have become increasingly popular in recent years. Mesh fences are the most affordable option in pool fencing and one of the most reliable. Mesh fencing provides security and because there are no large holes, they are almost impossible to climb. The material is relatively see-through, so these fences are not considered as bulky or unsightly either. Mesh fences are the quickest to install and require no upkeep. Mesh fencing also meets the approval standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), making it one of the safest options available for parents and children.


Pools are a lot of fun, great for exercise, and relaxation. But they can also be dangerous. As a pool owner in Valley Village, you have to be responsible and ensure that the pool is safe. Combine your safety fence with a self-closing, latching gate to make sure your loved ones stay safe. Call us today to discuss your pool fence options.