How Do UV Pool Sanitizers Work?

swimming pool uv sanitizerSwimming pools require constant disinfection in order for viruses, cysts, bacteria, and algae to be destroyed so that one’s family is protected from unwanted matters. The traditional disinfectant for many decades has been chlorine, but in recent years, after several years of research, experts have found out that the things that can arise from using chlorine in the water can lead to health matters. Thankfully, technology has advanced in great measure even in this area. There are now UV pool sanitizers, which can disinfect swimming pools without leading to health concerns.

UV pool sanitizers are very effective natural disinfectants that eliminate almost all known microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores, permanently destroying their DNA. Ultraviolet light has become, in a short period of time, the preferred technology for disinfecting water in large urban spas and Olympic pools.

Ultraviolet light not only destroys chloramines (unpleasant byproducts of chlorine treatment) but also in itself is a very effective disinfectant that can eliminate the use of chlorine. There is virtually no microorganism that is immune to UV light, even the chlorine resistant pathogens can be eliminated with UV pool sanitizers. Another important advantage of ultraviolet light is significantly reducing the need to add and recirculate water to clean the filter. This allows people to save hundreds of dollars every month.

Advantages of Utilizing UV Pool Sanitizers:

• Overall reduction of total bacteria

• Spore and cryptosporidium reduction

• Reduction of legionella in water

• Foamy water

Mainly, there are two types of UV pool sanitizing lamps: low pressure lamps or medium pressure. Low pressure lamps produce monochromatic ultraviolet light (single wavelength 254 nm), while the medium pressure lamps produces polychromatic ultraviolet light (continuous light emitting from 185 to 400 nm). Both options can bring meaningful results when it comes to disinfecting a swimming pool. Contrary to popular believe, they start working right away.