What type of swimming pool fencing should I choose?

Types of pool fences

Pool fencing helps prevent adults and children from accidentally falling into the pool. It offers a better sense of protection from accidents and injury. What type of swimming pool fencing should I choose? Your options depend on your priorities, interests, and budget.


There are pros and cons of glass pool fencing. Glass offers an elegant appearance to your pool with limited obstructive view from your home to your pool. It doesn’t hurt the landscaping and you can either choose a frameless or semi-frameless fence. The glass is also climb resistant. Glass pool fencing is a contemporary style fence, but it has its drawbacks. It can crack or break, it’s expensive, and mold can accumulate. The fence cannot be removed once it is bolted down without some sort of damaged caused to your pool deck.


Wood pool fencing is the most traditional. It offers privacy, but that can also cause a problem since it blocks complete viewing into your pool. They come in stylish designs, customizing in various heights and color. They are sturdy and durable, but they take several days to place around your pool and will need to be treated and painted.


The benefits of an aluminum pool fence is that they are strong, durable, semi-private, and extremely elegant. The problems with aluminum is that a child can climb the fence, they are bolted into the ground or pool deck, and they have severe corrosion issues that will require repairs or constant cleaning.


Mesh pool fences are probably the most easiest fences to put in place. They are also easy to take down. They are removable. Mesh fences offer several other benefits including being climb resistant, come in various heights and colors to match patio and pool decor, and they are stable. Depending on the type of mesh you decide on will determine if it is mildew proof, rip proof, and fade proof. If you get the cheaper, less durable mesh fence you will need to replace parts or the entire pool fence over time. However, mesh fences last years maintenance free unlike other types of pool fences. Don’t compromise on safety!


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