Turning Up the Heat With a New Hot Tub

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Even if you are lucky enough to live in a climate where the pool can stay open all year long, the nights do get cooler. No matter where you live, there is nothing more relaxing that sliding into a steaming hot tub on a cool evening. Some people use their hot tub all through the year and others only when it’s cold. Regardless of how often you use a hot tub, the benefits are great and hot tubs are the place to be.

Turning Up the Heat With a New Hot Tub

Hot tubs are perfect for relaxing after a long day at work and even a killer session at the gym. Soaking in a hot tub also has many therapeutic benefits as it relaxes both body and mind and literally can melt stress away. The combination of jets and hot water soothes aching muscles allowing you to put a long day behind you or unwind with friends. Hot tubs come is all shapes and sizes. You can get smaller ones for two people or larger tubs that can sit as many as ten. Each hot tub also comes with unique design features and a host of accessories so you can customize it however you like. Some are even extravagant as to allow for a mini water slide. For more low key, relaxing options you can choose some dim lighting and a radio or television. Just as with a swimming pool, a hot tub also requires regular maintenance. The water needs to be routinely tested and chemical balance must be maintained all year round. When not in use, your hot tub needs to be covered to protect it from debris and the elements. It is also advised to drain and refill the water every two or three months to ensure it stays hygienic and in optimal working condition.

Also, like the pool, you need to follow safety precautions in a hot tub too. Accidental drownings can occur in shallow water just as easily. The jets in a hot tub are very powerful so you need to be cautious around them and the drains to be sure loose clothing and hair do not become tangled. Always make sure the cover is in place when it is not in use and when children are nearby. You also never want the soaking temperature to be above 102 degrees. The best safety measure is to soak with a friend. And of course, this is a win-win as you both get to relax and unwind. Not only does safety increase but the experience is more enjoyable. Hot tubs are a great way to end the day and to spend those cold winter nights. So long as you are prepared to take care of it and stay safe, a hot tub is a truly worthwhile investment.

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