A traditional Thanksgiving dinner means something different for everyone. For some, it’s enjoying a big turkey dinner and cozying up by the fire afterwards. For others, it’s preparing for a day in the Black Friday battlefield. For those who know how to do Thanksgiving right, it’s a day for family and friends to get together, enjoy great food, and enjoy a swim or a soak in the hot tub.


If you’re lucky enough to either be visiting family or be living in one of these great cities, you’ll find yourself in a climate that is perfect for some fun in the sun this Thanksgiving, while the rest of the country is bundling up and preparing for a chilly winter. In fact, if you’re just a visitor, a Thanksgiving pool party might even make you want to stay in these warm weather cities for good.


Palm Springs, CA


Palm Springs is a popular destination for travel, but it’s also a great place to live. Many California residents are heading south and building a life in Palm Springs.


The population is growing, but this resort town still maintains a great atmosphere for privacy. If you’re looking for a great home with a beautiful pool right in your back yard, this is the place for you. Median home prices in Palm Springs are just over $250,000. The housing market is getting stronger and home prices are slowly rising, but it’s still a great place to find your California dream home at significantly lowers costs than in nearby cities like San Diego.


While the rest of California starts to cool down a bit, Palm Springs keeps a comfortable temperature throughout the fall and winter months. You can beat the heat in the summer, and enjoy the warmth of the Holidays poolside in Palm Springs.



Las Vegas, NV


When most people think Las Vegas, they think of the bright lights of the casino and Las Vegas Boulevard, otherwise known as “the strip.” What most people don’t think of are the wonderful opportunities to build a life in Vegas.


Last Vegas offers beautiful homes with a plethora of amenities, including your own backyard pool. There are excellent schools in Las Vegas if you have children, and if you are looking for business during the week and excitement on the weekends, there is more than enough to do here.


The summers are hot, but it’s easy to cool off by the pool and when temperatures drop throughout the country, Las Vegas remains the place where people escape for a little sunshine. Residents in Vegas can enjoy the sun all winter long and host family and friends as they roll into town from the cold. Treat them to warm cozy Holidays and pool parties that they’ll never forget.


Clearwater Beach, FL


With fall temperatures in the mid to high 70’s and no shortages of beautiful homes with backyard pools built in for your convenience, Clearwater beach is the perfect place to spend your holidays poolside, or even on the sand. There’s plenty of sunshine to go around and your loved ones, especially those traveling from colder weather, will appreciate the opportunity to take a dip.


Clearwater Beach is near Tampa and was voted as Florida’s best beach town by USA Today. It’s a great place to retire and entertain grandkids, to get your career booming in the big city of Tampa, or even raise a family in an environment full of fun and many things to do.


Phoenix, AZ


Phoenix is much more than just a desert. In fact, it’s one of the best places to head for some sunshine in the winter. With affordable homes with a median price around $160,000, it’s the perfect place for a vacation home complete your very own swimming pool, or as a place to settle in and build some roots in an affordable dream home. 

If you like the outdoors, there is an abundance of places to go fishing or hiking. If you prefer other activities, Phoenix has great shopping and some great restaurants too.  Thanksgiving by the pool with family and friends is the perfect way to please all personalities and enjoy the sunshine with good food and great conversation.




Anaheim, CA


Anaheim is the perfect location for some warm weather and poolside Holidays with all the comforts of home at your fingertips. While temperatures may not always be hitting the 80’s in Anaheim during the fall months, they remain comfortable, averaging in the 70’s. You and your loved ones can enjoy the California sunshine and relax in your backyard pool or hot tub, eat a great meal, and play games together.


Thanksgiving by the pool will be the perfect relaxing day to get your ready for Black Friday Christmas shipping at the GardenWalk or the nearby Brea mall. Not only is Anaheim near great shopping, but it is also the perfect place to live if you are looking for family fun. Disneyland, NBA games, and delicious restaurants are all nearby for your enjoyment.


Miami, FL


Give friends and family who visit you from colder weather the novelty of swimming in the fall and winter months. Spending Thanksgiving by the pool will be something they’ll never forget.


Living in Miami not only offers sunshine year round, but there is so much to see and do. From some of the country’s best shopping to enjoying time in the sand, the possibilities for a good time are endless.


Living in a home in Miami seems out of reach to many, but owning a home, complete with a backyard pool for enjoying all year long, is not impossible. The median home price is around $195,000 and you don’t have to live right on South Beach to enjoy all the perks of it.


Living in one of these incredible cities is fulfilling and full of things to do. Holidays spent poolside may seem unique if you’re used to cold weather, but if you’re lucky enough to live in these areas, it will definitely become the norm.  Here’s to a safe and Happy Thanksgiving full of sunshine!




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