Top 8 Home Improvement Apps

Apps are available for all kinds of purposes, from cooking to tracking your weight to improving your house. In this article, we will give you ten of the best home improvement apps there are at present, as rated by Tom’s Guide. All are free unless otherwise indicated.

wikihow app



WikiHow, similar to Ehow, is one of the many Wikipedia sister projects. You can use it to learn how to do just about anything, including improving your house. Ask it how to prepare an exterior or interior surface for a new paint job or put in new carpeting.

ifixit app


This one is for when you want to do repairs on your house. Instructions are given for a variety of devices, from cars to washing machines to smartphones and tablets. They even have an online store to which you can link.

snapguide app


Full photo guides come with this app, and you can check out a wide range of subjects — gardening, arts and crafts, automotive and more. For iOS only.

ihandy carpenter app

iHandy Carpenter

You can use this one to check the flatness and verticality of room surfaces and measure angles. For iOS only. Priced at $1.99.

tappainter app



Here is a handy app for planning your next paint job; it includes lighting and room layout analysis and also allows you see what your room would look like in other colors. For iOS only. Priced at $2.99.


handyman calculator

Handyman Calculator

Handyman Calculator is for making unit conversions and for measuring things like rebar weight, density and arc length. For Android devices only.

home approvement calcs app

Home Improvement Calcs

This can be used to calculate a variety of figures, such as how much concrete you will need for a project. For iOS devices only. Priced at $1.99.


magic plan app


MagicPlan is essentially an app for generating floor plans, which can be grouped by room. You can get additional features by subscription.

All these apps should make home planning more fun than ever!