Tips for Adults Learning How to Swim

Believe it or not, there are some adults that do not know how to swim. Not all of us had the chance to learn this great skill when we were growing up. It may take you several months to learn and you may still not have the perfect form. Swimming is one of the best workouts for your health so as an adult there are some tips on how to learn it:

Use Goggles

You will need to put your face in the water. Get a pair of goggles so you will feel comfortable doing so. This will keep the water out of your eyes. There are different types of goggles so look for ones with a tight seal. You will need to find a pair that will not hurt your face or put too much pressure on your nose.

Stick Your Face In

You will need to face your fears and put your face into the water. You can learn how to do the backstroke but at one point your face is going to have to get wet. You need to remember to breathe even and learn the breathing techniques when under the water. You can practice in your bathtub at home until you are comfortable enough to try in the pool.


There are many open swim times at the local pools. You may feel uncomfortable going alone as an adult but the more you practice the better your skills will become. You should aim to get into the pool at least once a week.

Take Lessons

Even as an adult signing up for a swim class is the best way for you to learn how to swim. People of all experience levels are mixed together. There are other adults just learning to swim just like you, others are there to improve their skills. You can get some good advice from the teachers as well.

Use the Equipment

There are a number of items designed to use in the pool including flippers, snorkels, and buoys. These are designed to help you build up your confidence as you improve your skills. Gradually you can decrease your dependence on this equipment but when just starting out they can aid in helping you learn how to swim.

Stay Motivated

In order to learn this new skill you are going to need to be determined and motivated to reach your goal. You may get frustrated but do not give up. Some people will learn how to swim in 10 days while it may take others 10 months. You will learn how to swim stroke by stroke so do not give up.

Get the Right Suit

Having a comfortable swimming suit is very important when you are learning how to swim. It is best to wear a suit that is form fitting and will not drag when using the water. If you are going to swim in a pool with a high chlorine content you want to get a suit that is made from polyester. This material will stay looking good for a longer period of time.

These are just some tips if you are an adult that is learning how to swim. Swimming will not come overnight so you need to stick with your practice and build up your skills.

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