The Safest Pool Fence

Guardian Pool Fences Are The SAFEST!

Guardian Pool Fence systems provide protection and help keep your mind at rest. Each of our fences is designed with safety as our top priority.

Nobody wants to risk a child drowning as they play with their friends and family. The best way to avoid this is with constant adult supervision and the installation of a pool fence.

For maximum safety, we recommend our five-foot fences. By the time the child reaches this height, they will be more mature and understand the dangers of drowning, and are more cautious. Higher fences also detour the more determined children that may try to climb or even stack furniture to get over it.

Our fence systems use safety scenarios for design inspiration because recalling previous accidents helps us to ensure they do not happen again. Some of the special features we incorporate include stainless steel hardware with mesh fence links and deck sleeves using high-quality plastic with UV inhibitors for longevity. The fence must have a gate that is self-locking, self-closing, and key lockable.

Our fences lock into the deck so the only way to remove them or get under is by using a screwdriver. The top of the fence has no cross-bar so climbing over the top is very difficult. The design makes it difficult for unwanted visitors to find a way through without having to make use of heavy professional equipment to gain access to the other side.

We can address all of your safety concerns and offer consultations on pool layouts, personal aesthetics, and convenience. Discover our unmatched quality by contacting Guardian Fence Protection today. Place the safety of your pool fence comfortably into our hands, and rest assured that your family will be safe.

Protection, safety, strength, and peace of mind are what Guardian Pool Fences provide.


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