Guardian Pool Fences are the safest!

Guardian Pool Fence protection helps keep minds at rest. Every part of these fences were created with safety as our main concern.


Nobody wants to take a chance in a situation when a child might slip through a fence and drown. Please note however that fences are no 100%! Nothing replaces adult supervision.


For maximum safety we recommend our five-foot fences because by the time the child is tall enough to reach the top he will be old enough to know about drowning. Even when stacking lawn furniture, the higher the fence is the higher it is to jump down on the other side of the pool fence.


These fence systems use safety scenarios for design inspiration. Some of the special features include stainless steel hardware including mesh fence links, deck sleeves using high-quality plastic with UV inhibitors for longevity. The fence has a gate that is self locking, self closing and key lockable.


Our fences lock into the deck so the only way through is by using a screw driver. The top of the fence has no cross-bar so climbing over the top is very difficult. The design inherently makes unwanted visitors unable to find a way through without having to make use of heavy professional equipment to gain access to the other side.

We can address any variety of safety concerns, pool  layouts, personal aesthetics or convenience. Discover our unmatched quality by exploring the Guardian Fence Protection today. Place the safety of your pool fence comfortably into our hands.


Protection, safety and strength are what Guardian Fence Protection provides.

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