The Pros And Cons Of Chlorine vs. Saltwater Pools



Lots of people have chlorine pools today. However, getting a saltwater pool is starting to become really popular in the modern world. There is something really satisfying about having a pool that actually feels like a natural body of water, and this is something that you can get with a saltwater pool. Of course, a lot of people are worried about getting one for themselves. You might worry that a saltwater pool will not be as good as some of the others. However, this is not the case in practice.


There is no doubt about the fact that your saltwater pool will be just as effective at keeping away the bacteria, algae, and other contaminants as your chlorine pool. You really are not going to have to worry about losing any of those benefits when you make the switch.

A lot of times, people are worried about the possibilities associated with saltwater pools, partly because these pools are so new. However, they were actually more common in other areas for a while, and their recent surge in popularity is partly a function of quality. A saltwater pool will stay clean much more effectively than a chlorine pool. This is actually the kind of thing that can make your life easier.



If you’re worried about whether the chlorine in chlorine pools is hurting your health, the risks are probably not as bad as you might think. However, there are chemicals in chlorine pools other than the chlorine itself, and this is the kind of thing that is going to make chlorine pools less safe than saltwater pools. You will be looking after your health and the health of your family if you decide to get a saltwater pool instead.

A saltwater pool has a lot of advantages when it comes to your health. For one thing, this is a pool that is going to be easy on your skin, hair, nails, and swimsuit. If you swim a lot, you’ve probably run into situations where your hair seems to be changing color because of the pool water, or your hair is starting to get all stiff or thinned out. This is less likely to happen with a saltwater pool.

It is true that saltwater pools do contain chlorine in their own right. However, this chlorine is made naturally in the pool. This seems to make all the difference in the world with regards to the concentration of the chlorine and whether or not it is ultimately going to have an impact on anyone’s skin and hair. You can get a lot of benefits from swimming in a saltwater pool just because it’s a pool environment that is more natural as it provides a healthier balance of salt and chlorine.

Initial Costs and Maintenance Costs

It is true that the initial costs associated with saltwater pool ownership are high. However, you will not have to worry about those in the long run.  In contrast, the costs of constantly buying chlorine and other chemicals never go away. That salt that you need for a saltwater pool will be fairly cheap, and that will help a lot with regards to the costs of the pool in general.

Maintaining a saltwater pool can be somewhat frustrating in that you will need to wipe the salt off of the metal areas surrounding the pool in order to fight the effects of corrosion. However, this is a fight that you will win, as long as you wipe off the ladder, rails, chairs, and everything else on a regular basis.

This will have the side benefit of keeping the pool fairly clean in general. Having a saltwater pool does force you to clean more regularly. However, you will end up with a cleaner pool as a result, in addition to all of the health benefits associated with having a saltwater pool.

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