Picking the perfect pool design is definitely challenging, but it’s crucial for you enjoying your new pool to its full potential. There are 4 main types that a pool builder prefers: Linear (or geometric), Freeform, Lap pool, Infinite edge (knife edge, negative edge, vanishing edge, etc). 

Linear Pools

This pool will have only straight, crisp lines. Think rectangles, L’s, an offset square. These pools go great centered in the back of house or alongside a square cabana. The rectangle shape also adds the ability to get a automatic pool cover which helps eliminate leaves in the pool, and also helps retain water/heat/ and pool chemicals in the pool

Freeform Pool

Next type of inground pool shape is a freeform pool. This is a great pool design if your going for a natural, outdoorsy feel. Freeform pools go great with a natural rock waterfall or slide. I also like to pair up irregular flagstone as the pool decking choice. Also if you backyard has a slope that requires a retaining wall that is curved, the shape of the retaining wall that be reproduced with the pool giving some beautiful curves.

Lap Pool

These are great for those that are only going to be swimming laps. generally speaking these will be long, think 50 feet or longer and generally are skinny. They also usually do not have steps or benches in the pool, instead having a ladder at both ends. They also are not that deep and usually will be 5′ across the whole pool. 

Infinity Pool

There are many names for this type, but they are definitely a beautiful option, especially is you have a nice view, or steep drop cliff. The price can be a little expensive with most builders charging around 1,000 USD for one foot of an infinite edge, but the end result is definitely worth it. The new fad however is for a “Lautner Edge” which has no skimmers, and the pool has a small hidden gutter around the whole pool. The water fills up the whole pool, while and underground surge tank keeps the pool at the right level. This feature gives off great views like an infinite edge, while also increasing the reflective properties of the pool.


In conclusion, any of these 4 pool shapes will be great to build, you just have to know how you will use your pool and then match the new shape to your existing residence while also keeping track of your budget.



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