Winter is around the corner and you need to improvise ways of protecting some of your assets and properties. Winter is that time of the year that we expect freezing temperatures, snowstorms, and cold wind. Swimming pools fall victim to freeze damage, which would spell additional maintenance bills that could dent your financial position. You need to practice caution and ensure your protective measures work out perfectly to avoid freeze damage. One perfect mitigation tool is the pool cover, which comes in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes. Pool covers come in handy during this period of the year since they help preserve the heat and keep away the debris. They also make the space safe for kids and pets that like to wander around unsupervised. Let’s take a look at some of the pool cover options available in the market.

The Best Pool Covers for Winter

Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

An automatic pool cover is most convenient when dealing with harsh weather conditions during winter. It is the most expensive option but has a lot to offer in terms of matching up the value. The good thing about the automatic pool cover is the convenience since it operates in command of the touch of a button. The covers are made of super-durable fabric, which is attached to a retractable mechanism that opens and closes upon command. The material is durable enough to keep away pets, kids, or any form of debris. A cover is a reliable option since it performs a commendable task by completely covering your pool. The cover can effectively serve you for up to seven years, after which you will require a replacement.

Standard Winter Cover

The standard winter cover is made of tarp-like material that can keep off any form of debris as well as harsh weather activities. It is also the ideal option to work with when you want to leave your pool unused for an extended period. The standard winter cover is pocket-friendly and widely available, which suits the need of most property owners. The only drawback of using this type of cover is that it deteriorates fast, which and requires replacement after 2-3years. They are ideal for both underground and above ground pools but not sturdy enough to carry heavyweights.

Safety Covers

The safety covers are an upgraded version of the standard winter cover. The material used to make this cover has better features that can resist wear and tear more compared to the standard winter swimming pool covers. The installation procedure is labor-intensive, but the result and performance promise not to disappoint. The safety covers require a few maintenance procedures to enhance its longevity, which is way better compared to the standard cover material. The material is quality and strong since it can stand heavyweights, which enhances the safety of unsupervised pets and kids.


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