temporary pool fence

Having a pool in your backyard is a great way for you and your family to relax and spend quality time together while staying cool on a hot summer’s day. Along with the excitement and benefits of a swimming pool, safety is of the utmost importance. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), drowning is the leading cause of death in children ages one to five, and the second leading cause in children ages five to nine in the United States. Almost all of these accidental drownings happen in residential pools.

The best way to prevent injuries or accidents while still enjoying the benefits of a swimming pool is to install a pool fence system. Pool fences have been reported to reduce the risk of accidental drowning by up to 83%; a huge percentage and well worth the cost of installing the fence.

However, circumstances may prevent you from installing a permanent fence around the pool. You may be renting your home and the landlord will not allow you to make major changes to the property. Maybe drilling holes in the ground is not a viable option. Or, you may not have children, but like to entertain and some of your guests have little ones. Perhaps you have pets that you would like to keep safe or keep from jumping into the pool unsupervised. In these instances, you will need temporary pool fencing.

Guardian Pool Fence Systems can provide a solution no matter what your circumstances are. The world’s first “No Holes” pool fence provides a sturdy base for the fence poles to stand from. The bases, when filled with water or sand and then connected become extraordinarily difficult to move until they are emptied again.

The Guardian Pool Fence Systems works by first placing the high-density polyethylene bases around the area you want to be closed off and then connecting them. You next fill each base with water or sand. Alone each base can hold about eight gallons and weighs around 65 pounds if filled with water, or twice that if filled with sand. After the bases are placed and filled, you insert the Guardian Pool Fence poles into the bases and then secure the mesh panels with the spring-loaded safety latches.

Guardian Pool Fence systems also provide an easy to remove fence system if you are able to drill holes in the ground or deck. See our POOL FENCE COMPARISON for more information.

As many pool owners know, in most places you are required by law to keep your pool fenced at all times around children for safety. Unfortunately, this can often mean a difficult permanent fence installation which is why many opt for a temporary pool fence instead. This way you also the benefit of being able to remove them when you simply don’t need the fence there.


So what temporary fencing option is best? 

no-holes-pool-fenceMany temporary fencing solutions actually require holes to be placed around your pool for the fence to be secured in place. While this does allow a strong fence and the ability to remove the fence easily, unfortunately, you’re still left with the holes in the ground when the fence isn’t there. Not only is this quite an unattractive look, but unless you place something over the holes they can even be a bit of a hazard. 

Thankfully the other variant of temporary fencing is to simply have the fence propped up by a support at the bottom. This solves the issue of holes and creates a much cleaner solution when you decide to remove the fence for storage. The only negative for this option over a permanent fence is that you will have to store the fence at some point when you want to remove it. 

Compared to a permanent solution though, a temporary fence that you can remove at your leisure gives you the best of both worlds. You get the safety of a fence that you can use when children are around as well as the ability to remove it for the freedom of not having a fence there at all. 


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