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temporary pool fence

Having a swimming pool on your property may just be one of the best things on earth. Apart from having a place to cool off during hot and sunny days, you can also use the pool to bond with your friends and family.

Although a pool is indeed a great addition to just about any home, this can also pose health and safety hazards, particularly to younger children. Without safety and security measures, there can be a risk of death via drowning. Along with the excitement and benefits of a swimming pool, safety is of the utmost importance. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), drowning is the leading cause of death in children ages one to five, and the second leading cause in children ages five to nine in the United States. Almost all of these accidental drownings happen in residential pools.

The best way to prevent injuries or accidents while still enjoying the benefits of a swimming pool is to install a pool fence system. Pool fences have been reported to reduce the risk of accidental drowning by up to 83%; a huge percentage and well worth the cost of installing the fence.

However, circumstances may prevent you from installing a permanent fence around the pool. You may be renting your home and the landlord will not allow you to make major changes to the property. Maybe drilling holes in the ground is not a viable option. Or, you may not have children, but like to entertain and some of your guests have little ones. Perhaps you have pets that you would like to keep safe or keep from jumping into the pool unsupervised. In these instances, you will need a temporary fence around your pool.

For those of you who are on the lookout for temporary pool barriers, below are some details you need to know about this option.

What is a Temporary Pool Fence?

A temporary pool fence is a type of removable fence that can stand and support its own weight. The panels used in these fences vary from one material to another, but these are generally held by interlocking panels.

Temporary fences around the pool are quite flexible and mobile, making them easily portable when needed. These are likewise simple to install and put in because of their impermanence. Despite being a more portable option, temporary pool fences still retain their integrity and durability and can last for years at a time.

The general idea behind a temporary pool fence is to provide protection against accidents concerning swimming pools, especially when there are youngsters in the area.

no holes pool fence

Reasons to Consider a Temporary Pool Fence

There are various reasons why you might want to consider temporary pool fencing on your property as opposed to getting a permanent one. Below are some of these.

You’re Just Renting

If you’re just renting your home and this luckily comes with a pool, spending a huge amount on a permanent pool fence seems quite excessive, especially when it’s not your property in the first place. This may also be the case when your landlord is simply strict and does not want you to make any changes to his property.

You Don’t Want Unsightly Drill Marks

Let’s face it, these pool fences aren’t the most beautiful to look at. Installing a permanent one can make it an eyesore, particularly with the drill marks on the ground. Not to mention, this can damage the property and make the landscape damaged.

Your Pool is Still Under Construction

You can also use these temporary pool fences when you’re waiting for your permanent fences, especially as the latter can take a long time to be made. This no-hole pool fence can help prevent unwanted falls while your pool is still being filled or while it is still being finished.

Keep Children and Pets Safe

This is already a no-brainer. If you want to keep your pets and other children safe while on your property, having a temporary pool barrier already does the job. This deters them from going into the pool without adult supervision.

At the same time, you can readily remove this no-hole pool fence when you want to entertain guests and highlight the beauty of your swimming pool.

Temporary Pool Fencing Option

If you’re in the market for temporary pool barriers, we advise you to consider Guardian’s No Holes pool fence system.

The Best Is Mesh

One of the most popular temporary pool fencing options out there is mesh pool fencing. These are made of steel and woven tightly onto one another, creating a strong barrier that can withstand harsh winds.

These don’t obstruct the view surrounding the swimming pool and the pool area itself. With no bars across to hang on to, children can climb and enter the pool.

With its lightweight yet durable material, this makes it one of the best options, if not the best, for your temporary pool fence needs.

Aesthetic remains a big part of a pool owner’s needs, especially if you want to highlight the view and the stunning pool you have. If this is something that aligns with what you want, you may want to think about the material you use and if this design complements your environment.

The design you choose should not hamper the views of your pool, particularly when you want to keep an eye on things at all times. Of course, it goes without question that the design and or configuration of the temporary pool fence should be high enough so that children and pets won’t be able to climb or jump over it.

With this in mind, a mesh pool fence seems to be the ideal recommendation since the material is not only flexible but also offers unobstructed views into your pool and the surrounding area.

Mobility and Portability

Your swimming pool doesn’t have to be covered up all the time. If you have adult visitors and guests, you want something that can be readily removed and easy to take down, particularly when you want to open up the pool and make it more inviting or when you have gatherings with friends and loved ones. As such, choosing a material that takes little to no effort would definitely work in your favor.

Maintenance Needs

Despite these pool fences being temporary, they still require care and maintenance to make sure they function properly and as intended. You want to regularly check the panels or bars, as well as the latching mechanisms that come with them.

Some materials require more maintenance than others since they are exposed to the elements. Mesh pool fence requires minimal maintenance as opposed to glass or wooden fences.

Ease of Installation

For those who believe that installing temporary pool fences is not their strongest suit, hiring a team of professionals can do the job right in a more efficient manner. By getting the help of these professionals, you can prevent costly mistakes in the long run.

Although you may want to cut down on costs by installing the temporary pool fence yourself, you should know that this requires professional know-how and experience. Experts know not only how to properly position the fence, but also what the right measurements are for your pool area.

The Costs of Temporary Fences

All of the aforementioned factors here play into your budget. In order to avoid going overboard, be sure to include the total costs of the pool fencing project. These include the fence to be installed as well as the professional installation fee.

The cost of your temporary pool barrier also depends on the size of the pool as well as the material you wish to use. Bigger pool areas will require more fencing coverage, and thus, will cost a lot more.

No Holes Pool Fence

The Guardian’s No Holes Pool Fence works by first placing the high-density polyethylene bases around the area you want to be closed off and then connecting them. Next, fill each base with water. Alone each base can hold about eight gallons and weighs around 65 pounds if filled with water, or twice that if filled with sand. After the bases are placed and filled, you insert the Guardian Pool Fence poles into the bases and then secure the mesh panels with the spring-loaded safety latches.

Guardian Pool Fence systems also provide an easy-to-remove fence system if you are able to drill holes in the ground or deck. See our POOL FENCE COMPARISON for more information.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right temporary pool fence for your property is a responsibility that should be taken seriously. With these options, you can safeguard the people in your home and have the peace of mind you deserve. Talk to us and we can give the proper guidance in finding the best temporary pool fence for your needs.


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