Five Swimming Pools That Are To-Die-For

When you live in the desert, having a house with a swimming pool is a no-brainer. Unlike other regions of the country, having a pool is a definite asset, and for many a requirement.


In the community of Anthem, Arizona (a Del Webb community about 30 miles north of Phoenix), residents turn their back yards into an extension of their living space, complete with large patios, outdoor kitchens, and luxurious pools.


The beautiful desert landscape includes plants that require little water, and plenty of hardscape and ground cover.


This is just an example of what outdoor desert living is like.  Beautiful views abound and the swimming pool is just part of the outdoor appeal. Outdoor fireplaces, gazebos, and bar seating lend to the outdoor lifestyle.


Another breathtaking desert pool is this one in Cave Creek, Arizona. The pool of blue is refreshing against the desert backdrop — the dogs even think so.




This pool has the popular, resort-style infinity-edge feature, which appears as if the water extends to the horizon, vanishing, or extending to “infinity.” The term also is used to describe perimeter overflow pools (pools that may be on level parcels, wherein the water flows over one or more edges, usually flush with the decking elevation). Sometimes with these types of pools the infinity edge appears to merge with a larger body of water — the ocean—  or with the sky.




The view is a little different across the country for the next homeowner in Miami, Fla. This elegant pool is gorgeous against the white geometric features of the house. The tall glass windows and the lofty trees and surrounding greenery lend to a cozy, private feel while the length of the streamlined pool gives a feeling of vastness.


And a raised hot tub lends beautifully to the geometric design of the back yard and provides dimension at a higher level.




Another breathtaking look is the likes of this lavish swimming pool in Austin, Texas.


The pool is built at a lower level than the house. The rectangular shape of the pool and the not-often seen jagged square stepping stones in the pool (giving that walking on water look) offer a nice contrast to the numerous arches in the design of the house. Imagine plopping yourself down into one of the four lounge chairs and looking out onto the blue pool below, and perhaps even a gorgeous scene on into the skyline.




And you don’t need to take vacations when you have a pool like this one in Palm Springs. This swimming pool is nestled among the mountains, the palm trees, and an expanse of lush, green lawn. The simple rectangular shape complements the understated elegance of the house. The entire look of the house and back yard is breathtakingly beautiful — not to mention perfect for swimming laps when those desert temperatures spike.


The setting is perfect for entertaining and hosting large parties and family get-togethers.




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