Swimming Pool Safety and Technology

What Can Technology Do Poolside?


From caller ID on the high-definition television screen to adjusting your AC and preheating your oven with a smartphone, advanced technology is making life easier. Homeowners looking to bolster safety, as well as play with some fun applications, are turning to swimming pool technology.


Well, it won’t pour champagne or put sunscreen on your back, but just about everything else is controllable through a touchscreen. Swimming pool technology is about management. This includes temperature, lighting, security for the pool fence and motion detectors. Some products enhance your enjoyment in the spa or the pool by changing the water flow, adjusting the heat or turning on fountains to add ambiance.


What About Safety?


Pools are a lot of fun for the whole family, but they also present a risk, especially for small children. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that in an average day 10 people accidentally drown – many are small children wandering around home pools who fall into the water.


In most areas, you must have a fence and cover for a pool or spa, but that may not be enough. Technology is offering more ways to keep the pool safe from little wanderers. The most common device is a motion detector that attach to pool fences. The passive infrared system sets off an alarm should anyone go into the pool area. With many products, you have the option to send a wireless signal to your home monitoring system and a text to your iPhone in addition to an on-site siren.

What about Fun?


Swimming pool technology has its fun side too. Imagine driving home from work after a long day. What would help is a soak in the spa. With today’s advances in wireless technology, you can pick up your smartphone or tablet computer to turn the spa on and set the temperature before you get into the car. Phone applications give you full control over the pool and spa. You can dim the lights around the pool without getting off the couch or brighten them while you change into a suit.


Fun and Safety are not Mutually Exclusive


You get both fun and safety from technological devices for the pool. Wireless works in conjunction with almost every aspect of pool management. The applications might surprise you. Technology is available to manage the filter system, monitor the chlorine levels, change the pressure on the jets, create dazzling water effects and monitor the pool when you not there. One package can provide both fun and safety.


How Does It Work?


Obviously, it requires more than just a download to your iPhone. The systems are intricate. A few components of the pool will need upgrades to include the technology that works with the interface on the phone. Some require only a sensor installation, monitoring the chlorine levels for example. Products that provide full management of the pool work with specific heaters and lights that need to be in place. It requires one component to send information and one to receive it.


Crunching the Numbers


There is a lot of responsibility when you own a pool or spa, and with it, expense. Adding technology is not cheap but when you consider the overall cost of maintaining the system, it might be worth it. An improperly managed pool raises the energy bill. The cost of maintenance and repairs go up. The technology will pay for itself by giving you control. High tech components for the pool will increase the value if you decide to sell your home.


Ultimately, it depends on how much piece of mind and seamless management are worth to you. The more features you take on, the more upgrades you need. When it comes to safety, the cost is certainly worth it. Adding a motion detector to the pool fence is relatively inexpensive and a vital improvement to the safety of the system.


It is time to bring the pool into the 21st century by giving it wings to communicate with your phone. Wireless technology makes pool life better. From managing the temperature to keeping the area safe, advancements in mobile systems are improving lives. Swimming pool technology saves them by making sure someone is there to help if the unthinkable happens. Going high-tech increases the cool of being poolside.




About the Author: Porter is a writer and content specialist for UsBundles.


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