Swimming Pool Safety Equipment

Practicing pool safety is a year-around work that must be done, but this is especially true during the summer months when pool activities are more common. It is important to keep pool safety at the forefront of your mind when young skids are involved. Parents, grandparents, family, friends, and babysitters all need to know what pool safety equipment can help keeps the kids safe.

From a very helpful and informative article by Home Guides, we can see that the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission has out in place a variety of guidelines and recommendations for water safety and the proper use of safety equipment for the pool and water. These standards give the specifications one should look for in gates and fences that are put up around pools in order to keep kids safe. Features such as the way the gate swings, the spacing between railing, and the spacing of the support beams are points to consider to help keep everyone safe around the pools. 

Aside from gates and fences you can also look into getting pool covers. These will fit over the surface of the pool and helps to black access to the pool. While many hail these are good safety devices to have in place, other argue that they post a risk for young children. The fear is that a child could find a way under the cover and be trapped in the pool. However, if the proper use and guidelines are followed and the cover is installed and secured properly this should not be an issue and the cover should stop young children from falling into the pool and slow down older kids enough for an adult to find them and stop them.

 pool safety equipments

It is up to personal preference when it comes to the pool covers, the type of gate, and the fence set up you use. It is important to remember that pool safety is up the caretakers and family. No safety equipment can replace attentiveness and the concern of family and friends. Just because you have safety equipment for your pool, does not mean you can stop paying attention to your kids and being careful around the pool this season!

For further safety and protection, consider other important points, products, and setups as you get your pool ready to go with safety equipment. Have fun and be safe in and around the pool this year!