pool-safety-regulationsThis includes ensuring that the surroundings are clean and easily accessible in case disaster strikes for evacuation exercises. The California pool safety act describes a pool as any recreational or bathing area which is over 18 inches deep. This does not exclude hot tubs and spas. 

Any person planning to construct a swimming pool should ensure that all the structural designs and equipment to be used in the construction process adhere to the specifications laid down by the regulating agency. The license for construction should not be issued until all the requirements are met. Any reconstruction or alteration of the pool area should also be approved by the regulating agency.

The pool should be enclosed, this includes the building of a fence which is approximately 60 inches in height all around the swimming pool arena. The fence should be built in such a way that it is extremely difficult for anyone to climb over. The pool owners should also ensure that there are no gaps or clearances in the fence that is surrounding the pool. These gaps can be used by people to force their way to the pool. This ensures that small children cannot crawl through or under the enclosure.

There should be a pool cover which has been approved by the body that regulates swimming pools. The pool cover should meet all the required standards as laid down by the regulating agency.

The pool should be fitted with exit alarms, these alarms are designed to alert the pool operators in case of unauthorized entry. They should be fitted in all areas that permit entry and exit.

The swimming pool should be inspected at regular intervals to ensure that the safety requirements are strictly adhered to. These inspections should not only be done during the construction process but also entirely even when the swimming pool is in operation.

The purification systems should be in operation at all times. This is to ensure the available water remains clear and disinfected. The regulating agency should ensure that pools that don’t have an operational purification system are closed down.


If all the above rules are observed then swimming will be an exciting experience to all the lovers of swimming in California.