Swimming Pool Fence

Why do you need a Swimming Pool Fence?


It goes without saying, that a fenced pool area can add a sense of elegance and beauty to any backyard environment. In addition to providing essential privacy, there are several practical reasons why a swimming pool fence is a necessity and, in some states, a requirement.


First and foremost, it is a law in many states to erect a safety fence around home swimming pools as established by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). These guidelines were established for the safety and protection of the homeowners, as well as others who may wander onto the property. Young children, for instance, are particularly at risk primarily because most adolescents lack sufficient swimming abilities. In Texas alone, more than 50 children are reported as drowning victims in the state each year. Pool areas with diving boards are another dangerous attraction for area youth, requiring security fencing limit access. A traditional mesh fence is a cost-effective option for providing basic security to your backyard swimming pool. A simple swimming pool fence can prevent unfortunate accidents, but safety alone is not the only reason to have fencing surrounding your swimming pool.


Many upper-income neighborhoods use elegant swimming pool fencing to add beauty to the landscape as an extension of their homes. For instance, exotic plants are often combined with the swimming pool fence in a garden setting with special lighting to provide additional ambiance to the backyard oasis. Swimming pool fences not only provide safety and elegance through their various designs and styles of construction, but they also serve as an essential means of privacy.


The backyard pool area is the homeowner’s get-away oasis, and large wooden or brick fencing provides the ultimate in privacy for lounging about without being openly observed by neighbors (especially for the occasional skinny dippers). For pool owners in crowded neighborhoods, privacy fencing is essential for the overall experience as homes are practically constructed on top of each other allowing easy visibility.


Regardless of the reason for having a swimming pool fence, it can enhance the value and experience of the homeowner’s backyard oasis while providing safety and comfort to the home. Better yet, an elegantly designed swimming pool fence can enhance the beauty and atmosphere of a backyard environment.


Do you need a pool fence?