Is a swimming pool fence required?

Swimming pool fences are becoming more popular with homeowners as well as insurance companies. While many cities and towns are making it mandatory to restrict access to family swimming pools, homeowners have opted to install them for both personal privacy as well as safety issues.


Homeowners who live in residential neighborhoods may want to consider installing a permanent fence. Insurance companies are offering reduced rates to families who install swimming pool fences. This reduces a homeowner’s liability and prevents children from wandering too close to a pool and drowning.


In the past, municipalities have left it up to the discretion of the homeowner as to whether or not a fence was installed. Statistics provided by insurance companies have shown that the number of drownings were reduced in neighborhoods where pools were enclosed by privacy fences. Where the use of a swimming pool fence is required, the minimum height is normally between four and five feet. The fence must be permanently installed and have a latching gate that prevents access to the pool.

is pool fence required

Swimming pool fences can be installed as privacy fences to prevent others from climbing over or looking into a homeowner’s backyard. Privacy fences can be as high as the homeowner wishes, but seven to eight feet is the norm. Not only does this ensure a person’s privacy it also protects them from unwanted visitors accessing their property.


Knowing what the rules and regulations are within the community for swimming pools will help you determine what type of fence you want to invest in. If it is possible your community will be making the installation of swimming pool fences mandatory, you may want to investigate what the legal requirements may be so you can install what you need the first time. It is also a good idea to check with your insurance company. Many already have stipulations in their policies that cover swimming pools and the possible types of liability that may be incurred from having one on your property.


The right type of fence can reduce your overall liability as well as increase your privacy. Being able to accomplish both tasks at once will save you time and money and give you peace of mind during the long, hot summer months.



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