Swimming Pool Features

Pool Fence Features

Having a personal swimming pool is a dream for many families. They are a wonderful source of enjoyment for the entire family and a terrific tool for exercise. With the many hours of fun a pool provides, it also comes with great responsibility. Accidents can occur and this is why having a strong, safe pool fence is not only a necessity, but many times a requirement.

When choosing the right fence for your pool, there are many aspects to consider. Is it safe and strong? Does it close on it’s own and does it lock? Below are a few features to consider as you compare different options. Let’s take a closer look at the swimming pool fence features.

Mesh Fences
These fences are lightweight, are easy to install and are very durable. They are designed and built for maximum safety with a climb resistant and self closing gate. To alleviate the possibility of tampering, the mesh fences can only be taken apart with the use of proper tools. Due to it’s transparent design, this pool fence gives you constant visibility to ensure that you are fully aware of all activity within or outside of the pool area. In order to maintain style, they are also available in a variety of heights and colors.

Pool Enclosure
Constructed with either glass, aluminum, or fiberglass these enclosures are designed to completely cover the pool area. For fresh air and to prevent debris and bugs from entering, many of the pool enclosures also come with metal screening. Although this type of enclosure will restrict unauthorized access, they can be very costly.

Self-Latching Gate
Having a self-closing, self-latching gate is essential for safety. Without the proper gate installed, the fence is counterproductive. Children can easily open a gate if it is not latched. With a magnetic latch in place, the gate will automatically latch and lock upon entering and exiting the pool area.

Key Lockable Gate

Once the pool is closed for the evening or the season, you will want to rest assured knowing that no one can enter the pool area. The greatest way to prevent unwelcome guests from entering is to have a key lockable gate.

When it comes to a pool fence careful consideration, time and design has been put into providing pool owners with top of the line safety options. With the proper fence and gate installed, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family and neighbors are safe.