5 Steps To Teach Your Toddler To Swim

Swim Lessons For Toddlers


Safety should be the primary concern when teaching a child of any age to swim. Parents should remember that while swimming might be a fun activity for a small child, there is still the very real risk of drowning. A small child, especially one in the toddler age group, should never be left alone to swim, no matter how comfortable they are in the water.  In fact, they should never be left unsupervised even when just in the vicinity of deep water. Still, children, even when very young, are capable of learning to swim, and there should be no danger to them, provided the lessons are administered properly and the children are adequately supervised.


1.       The first step in teaching toddlers to swim is to get them comfortable with the water. This can take the form of playing in shallow water or on the steps of the swimming pool. The child should be allowed to get used to the feeling of the water and the experience of being in it. At this early stage, the parent, or instructor should encourage the child to put their face under the water. This is also the point at which they should get used to opening their eyes under the water. Teaching the child to kick, is another part of this early stage.


2.       The next step is for the parent to get them all the way in the water and allow them to get used to kicking and forward movement while under water. They should be comfortable with going under water for several seconds at a time.


3.       After that, the next step is to teach them to back float.  This involves supporting the child’s body while holding them on their back in the water with their face above the surface. Their legs should be extended and their toes should be above the surface of the water as well. The child should be fully comfortable with this step before moving on to the next.



4.       The most advanced step is to teach them to move through the water, face down.  Again, the person who is teaching the child to swim, should support the child’s body while guiding them through the water.




5.       Instruct the child never to swim while alone. They should understand that just jumping into a pool without an adult nearby is strictly forbidden.

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