Solar Energy For Heating Pools

Solar Panels Heated Pool

When deciding to put in a pool on the property of your home for you to enjoy, finding a way to heat the water so that it is at the perfect temperature is something you might have to think of.

By installing a solar energy pool heater, you can significantly reduce the cost of heating your swimming pool. They have very low annual operating costs, and they are cost competitive with both the gas and the heat pump pool heaters. In California, heating your pool by solar energy is the most cost effective in solar energy.

Solar pool systems have a few things that come with them such as a filter that removes the debris before it runs through the collector, a solar collector in which the water is circulated through to be heated by the sun, a flow control valve that diverts water through the solar collector and this device can me automatic or manual, and a pump that circulates the water through the filter and the collector before returning it back to the pool. When it comes to hotter climates during the peak of the summer months, the collector can also be used to cool the water in the pool by circulating the water through the pool throughout the night hours.

These pool heating solar systems use both diffuse and direct solar radiation. The area in which you live, still might have an adequate solar resource even if you don’t live in a warm or hot climate that is sunny most of the time. However, depending on where you have the system, it would be more beneficial to have it in a sunnier spot than to place it in a shaded are. Your local installer or supplier can come to the place where your pool is placed and perform a solar site analysis.

After receiving the analysis, it will then be determined at what angle at which the collector should be tilted in that is based on the latitude and length of your swimming season where you live. However, there have been studies that have shown that if you do not have the collector tilted in the optimum angle will not reduce system performance significantly. You will, however, need to take the roof angle of your house into account when you are sizing your system to be installed.

Once the system you need is installed, if you properly keep up the maintenance, on the solar heating system, it could last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Therefore, reading your owner’s manual and consulting with your contractor is beneficial in finding out just hot to meet the maintenance requirements of the system. Checking and cleaning the collector and the overall solar heating system will be beneficial to you as the homeowner to be able to keep it up and running.

In conclusion, when you are considering to heat your pool with solar energy, the important things to remember are how to keep the system running and in good condition, how much you can save on the solar system rather than the gas or electric systems, and to make sure and place your pool in the proper place so that you can receive the most beneficial energy that you possibly can. This will help to keep your pool running and keeping your pool heated in a cost saving and efficient way.