Should You Use a Pool Alarm?



Is anything so enticing on a hot summer day as the pool? Who doesn’t long for that dip into luxury, relaxing and cooling off from the summer heat? Of course, for families with children, pools can be more than a luxury – in a split second, the worst can come to fruition, and a child can fall, helpless, into the family pool.


You’ve probably heard of the a simple and effective solution that help protect your family and children: a pool alarm. We’ll look at several different styles and their pros and cons.


Infrared Systems are effective, reliable, and cheap solutions. There are several different ways they can work – they can be mounted on the fence, wall, or gate around your pool, or they can be mounted near the pool itself. Each has its drawbacks – the fence-mounted alarms can be circumvented easily by hopping the fence or circumnavigating the gate, and the pool mounted alarms will not be activated until your child is already in the pool – which may just be too late. These systems also may not activate unless whatever enters the pool is over 15 lbs – if your child is very young, they may not be above this weight and may not trigger the alarm at all.


Floating Motion Sensors are another option – if you have a calm pool. If you live in a windy area, these will frequently set off false alarms when the surface of the water is disturbed. They are also still more expensive than the more effective infrared systems. They are a much better secondary than primary system of defense.


Personal Immersion Systems are another ancillary device for protecting your loved ones. These devices are worn by the children, and work with a base system installed nearby your pool to alert you if they take an unplanned dip. However, children are wily and creative, and can easily take off or misplace the bracelets. Also, should you wish to swim with the children, the bracelet will need to be manually removed. This option should only be used in tandem with a permanent system.


Underwater motion alarms are an alternative if you are willing to spend just a little more money. These systems use sonar instead of infrared to monitor the water in your pool – so there won’t be any false alarms from the wind messing with the water’s surface. They are effective for any size or shape of pool. These alarms are always active, so there are no blind spots or ways around the alarm going off – but, like the infrared system, they will only activate once someone is already in the pool. They also need to be manually removed and put into sleep mode before the pool can be used.


However, the best option isn’t an alarm at all – it’s a pool fence! By simply fencing the pool, you and your children will be safe from that accidental fall or slip. Combined with a sonar system for emergencies, your family will be free to enjoy all the benefits that a backyard pool can offer – with none of the drawbacks.


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