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self closing pool gateA closer look at the swimming pool would make you think about safety. But what is a self-closing pool gate and why is it important?

When you have a swimming pool in the backyard, it will come with certain responsibilities. Even if you have no kids, the kids from the neighborhood or the kids of your guests would be drawn to the pool. It’s time to take action and adopt safety measures.

The purpose of a pool fence self-closing gate is to add a layer of safety. When using the pool fence, you need to make sure that the children have no access to the swimming pool. A pool fence self-closing gate that’s hard to climb for the toddler would be the best option. There might be times when you suddenly have to leave the pool. With a self-closing pool gate, you have to worry less, the gate will latch and lock behind you. A pool cover, however, has to be closed each time. It’s not a quick solution.

It’s important for the homeowners to follow the local code requirements, rules, and regulations. Many require to have a self-closing pool gate with your pool fence.

The Best Pool Fence Gate – What to Look for in a Pool Fence Gate?

For safety guaranteed, it is always advisable to ensure that your pool is securely locked. Pool gates are the best alternatives to safeguard a pool rather than have a guard or a parent on the lookout. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, the best way to entirely prevent your children from going past the pool fence is to reduce the gaps in the barricade of the pool fence and establish automatic closing gates.

Pool fence gates should be installed at every point that gives access to a pool beside the main entrance to the pool. Most pools usually have an extra pool gate since every gate will mostly lead to various parts of the property. Pool gates offer protection to every person especially the children since they are the most vulnerable. Inspection of your pool fence and gates should be mandatory for every spring opening or a routine activity done regularly with both intent and purpose. It’s easy for a tragedy to strike with open doors or fences that give access to the pool. Recently, there have been many cases of small kids drowning in their neighborhood pools which were exposed and not protected by proper gates and pool fences. The following are some tips for inspecting your pool gate for safety:

  • You should regularly check for leaning fence, loose posts, and loose boards
  • Always ensure that openings or slats of a pool fence are not more than 3 inches.
  • Always ensure that the space that lies between the ground and the bottom of the fence is not more than 3 inches
  • Always check the exterior for items that could make it easier for anyone to climb over the pool fence to the inside
  • Inspect all the gates and ensure that closing and latching is automated
  • Use unique and extra-ordinary padlock gates

How to Keep The Swimming Pool Safe?

The best way to protect your children if you have a swimming pool is to get a pool fence installed. Here are some other safety rules:

  • Make sure the gates that come with the pool fence are self-latching and self-closing but they also have a key. Just in case your savvy toddler figures out the latch system.
  • Make sure everyone in the family knows what to do in case of an emergency.
  • Don’t ever assume that someone is watching the children.
  • Remove the toys from the pool area. The small kids could come close to the pool if they get attracted to the toys.
  • Move backyard furniture far away from the pool. Kids might use those to climb over the fence.
  • Teach your kids to swim as early as possible.
  • Maintain and clean the pool area.
  • Know that having a home swimming pool requires maintenance and care.
  • As a secondary measure, use pool covers and pool alarms as well.
  • If the weather is bad then it’s best to stay away from the pool area.
  • Make sure to keep all your pool chemicals in child-proof storage.

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Mesh Pool Fencing

If you are considering mesh pool fencing for your pool, then it’s better to be aware of the pros and cons. Doing so can help you decide what’s the most viable solution for you!

  • It’s important that the mesh fence is installed correctly. You can hire a professional or do it yourself! In any case, the installation needs to be perfect otherwise it wouldn’t be safe for the kids.
  • The mesh pool fence is cost-effective and durable. Because of its durability, you may want to consider it for the pool in your home.
  • Mesh pool fences can be permanent or removable.
  • Mesh pool fences are coming in different colors. You can choose the colors that go with the overall ambiance of your backyard.
  • It’s see-through, so if you are looking for privacy then you need to consider other options.

How Much Mesh Pool Fencing Cost?

The cost of the pool fence depends on a variety of factors. You have to consider the height, material, and installation cost.

Consider the following:

  • The height of the mesh pool fence is important in calculating. The higher the height, the more it will cost.
  • The length of the mesh pool fence is another determining factor. The longer you need, the more expensive it will be.
  • The type of mesh is important as well. Guardian offers three different types of mesh, the strongest is our pet mesh, which is the best if you have pets at home. Then we have Guardtex and our amazing, most transparent mesh, the Premier Mesh. See our mesh types here.
  • The self-closing gate will cost you. Adding multiple gates can increase the price.
  • If you have your fence professionally installed, you need to add labor costs.
  • Average pool fence costs in between $1000-$3000 

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Guardian Pool Fence

Guardian Pool Fence Systems has been bringing you the best mesh pool fences for over 25 years. We have developed the safest and strongest removable mesh fences in the world and will continue making strides in the mesh pool fence industry for years to come. Currently have 7 patents on our innovative products and features.

  • Strongest Mesh Pool Fence In The Industry
  • The Only Climb-Resistant Pool Gate
  • Removable Or Permanent
  • Highly Skilled Professional Installers
  • Meets ASTM International Quality Standards
  • Our Premier Fence System Meets many Building Code Requirements (please verify this before purchasing)

Guardian Systems:

  • Premier Pool Fence: It requires small holes (dime-sized) drilled into the ground. Can be permanent for code requirements, or removable if you prefer. Very strong and durable poles.
  • Original Pool Fence: Our first system. Quarter-sized holes are required. Patented design and features.
  • No Holes Pool Fence: No Holes are required in the ground. Tension-based. Our No Holes bases have to be filled with water; come with our Premier Pool Fence system.
  • Building Code Approved: this is again our Premier Pool Fence System with our patented locking-deck-sleeve, which makes it permanent. This is a requirement for most building codes.

When you select the right type of system, you will also have the option to choose the pole colors, mesh colors, border colors, fence, gate heights, and length.

We also have our DIY pool fence system if you want to install it for yourself or if you don’t have one of our dealers in your area.

Self-Closing Pool Gate

Guardian Pool Gates are all:

  • Removable
  • Non-Climbable
  • Self-Closing
  • Self-Latching
  • Key-Lockable

The gate is the most important part of any fence system! We had to know our gate would close each time. Our double-pole truss on both sides of the gate allows for tension fluctuations without the need for adjustments. The fabric tension is not a factor in the operation of our gate. We also designed this gate without a top cross-bar, making it very difficult for toddlers to climb because there’s nothing rigid to hold on to!

Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc. is the only manufacturer of removable-mesh fencing to have the ORIGINAL, PATENTED, self-closing gate specifically designed and engineered to operate with a removable mesh fencing system.

Because this type of fence operates on tension, the mesh fabric is tighter in colder weather and loses some tension in warmer weather. Engineers have told us that a conventional, single-pole-designed gate would require constant adjustment.

Removing a single-pole gate for a party and then having to reinstall the gate compounds the problem of a potential pool gate failure. Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc. has PATENTED a Gate System that does not depend on the tension of the fence around it!


Gate Hardware

The ONLY latch we use is MAGNA LATCH. It operates magnetically and is key lockable. Every gate we have shipped since we went into production in 1996 used MAGNA LATCH for its latching mechanism. The latch we selected for our gate system is made in Australia. The manufacturer promotes this latch as “The World’s Safest Pool Gate Latch.” We agree completely.

Nothing we have seen in latching systems comes close to the sophisticated operation in this latch. This key-lockable latch is magnetic and non-mechanical. It won the Silver Medal in 1992 at the International Inventors Convention in Geneva, Switzerland, and won the Australian Design Award.

This pool gate latch also meets the Barrier Code requirements of the NSPI and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The tension adjustable hinges, made by the same company, also won the Australian Design Award. Without this hardware, we might never have built this gate.

When the Magna-Latch and the tension adjustable hinges are used with our PATENTED gate design, we believe no other system on the market today offers the level of Safety, Versatility, Practicality, and Protection that this system provides.

Final Thoughts

A pool fence self-closing gate would help in adding a layer of security to your swimming pool. First, you must focus on finding the best pool fence so that you can sleep peacefully at night. You can opt for the self-closing pool gate to avoid manual labor. You can see the various options available to you at Guardian and see what’s the most viable option for you!



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