8 Ways to Secure Your Pool at Night

Secure Your Pool At Night

Maintaining a pool can be a lot of work – you have to skim the debris, set up the vacuum, chlorinate the water and keep the pumps clean. But even more importantly, you have to keep the area safe at all times – and when you’re snug in bed at night, this means keeping intruders out of your pool, both for their safety and your family’s. To keep your idyllic recreational investment protected, here are some security tips to consider:

1. Pool Safety Fence

A pool safety fence is a good idea for many reasons: first and foremost, it can prevent small children and family pets from accidentally falling in. For this reason alone, there is no excuse for any pool owner not to own one. Secondly, it can keep pool hoppers from crashing your backyard – simply lock the fence while you’re not using the pool to keep out any unwanted guests. For the piece of mind, it can provide,  pool safety fence is an invaluable investment!

2. Wireless Security System

home security system is another great way to monitor the safety of your family. Chiming sensors can be placed on doors leading to the pool so that if your toddler opens one of these doors, you’ll be alerted immediately. Sensors can also be placed on fence gates to alert you if one has been opened.

3. Mechanical Pool Cover

Pool covers are safe and convenient for pool protection. Not only do they prevent debris from falling into the water, but they also help prevent accidental drowning incidents. A mechanical cover can be easy to operate, relying on a simple push of the button to extend or retract.


4. Netting

Safety netting is another option for pool security and safety. Most nets are stretched over the open water and attached to anchors on the opposite side, so that if anybody accidentally falls in – especially young children – they will land on the netting and be kept safely out of the water. Most nets can even be custom fit to your specific pool size.

5. Foam Pool Cover

Similar to the mechanical pool cover, a foam cover can also keep debris out of the pool. Additionally, the foam will act like a “blanket” and insulate the water, which means warmer water earlier in the day. Best of all, it sends a clear message to potential intruders that your pool is “closed”.

6. Dog in the Yard

If you have a dog that enjoys the outdoors and isn’t afraid to let out a big howl when intruders are near, this might be a practical option for you. Whether big or small, a barking dog is a sure way to scare off most night time intruders.

7. Security Cameras


If you already have a security system, adding cameras to monitor your backyard will be easy. If not, there are many reasonable options on the market. With today’s technology you’ll be able to use the camera to keep an eye on your pool and yard from anywhere, including from your laptop, or even from your smartphone!

8. Security Signs

If you have a security system or cameras at your home, make sure you let the public know! Display yard signs and window decals that let passersby know your home is protected by a security system, and that any attempts to use your pool will result in an alarm being triggered. With any swimming pool, safety should be the #1 priority! By implementing any one of these 8 security precautions, you will improve your pool’s safety rating. For best results, combine multiple security precautions – for example, install a pool fence as well as a security camera. Once your pool is safely secured, you can rest easy and enjoy countless years of swimming and bonding with your family!


Author: Max Oser is a not-so-secretly obsessed with celebrities and pop culture. He likes to add his own opinion to stories, and look at them from a different angle. He also likes to write about general lifestyle topics, such as home improvement, safety, and social media.



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