5 Secrets for a Successful Pool Party

pool party5 Secrets for a Successful Pool Party


Summer is upon us and with that comes the urge to participate in those warm weather activities we all love so much. Swimming, tanning, throwing parties or picnics, or just spending quality time outside with friends are all a part of the joys of summer. If you’re thinking about throwing some type of party this summer, why not combine all of your favorite activities into one and throw a pool party? Pool parties are the perfect solution of fun for the whole family. No one gets bored and everyone will have the chance to take a splash and cool off on the hottest of summer days.


Here are 5 ways to make your pool party a hit:


1. Safety First

As always, safety should factor in first and foremost. Be sure you have the appropriate fencing and precautions around your pool. If you’re going to be hosting a very large party with many small children you should consider hiring a lifeguard or designate someone to keep a close eye out for dangerous situations. Also make sure that your guests bring sunscreen or you could always buy a gallon size to share with everyone! Making sure everyone stays protected from the sun’s harmful rays throughout the day is important to throwing a successful party! Once you have taken your safety precautions you can relax and enjoy the day!

2. Pool care

This should take place before the party. Make sure your pool is sparkly clean and ready for the amount of swimmers it is about to take on. Make sure your pool filter is functioning properly and everything is running and looking perfectly when guests arrive.

3. Pool Theme

There are many different themes and colors you can incorporate for a pool party. You can replicate a day at the beach or a luau type of setting or just stick with simple aquatic colors like blue and green. Have lots of fun with streamers and tiki lights. Stringing white lights around adds a cool effect on the water at night time.

4. Food

An important aspect of any party boils down to the food. Your best bet is to serve up simple finger foods all throughout the day. Swimming makes people hungry so they’re going to want something to nibble on between dips in the pool. The finger foods will tide everyone over for a while without you having to do any work, but by the end of the day a great idea is to serve up food from a catering company has to offer. This will save you from being pulled away from poolside to prepare food yourself.

5. Activities & Games

Volleyball is always a fun activity; in or out of the water. Set up a net over the center of the pool and hold a championship from right in the water. Your guests are sure to have an awesome time splashing, competing and staying cool in the meantime!



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