Seasonal Care for Your Pool

seasonal care for your pool

A common mistake of pool owners is that once winter arrives, you can cover the pool and forget about until spring. This is not only very wrong, but very bad for your pool. No matter what the season is, your poo requires attention and care and to neglect it can cost end up really costing you. Below are the seasonal tips you need too know to make sure your pool is in optimal condition all year-round.

Seasonal Care for Your Pool


As soon as that weather starts to get warm, its time to think about getting the pool open. You want to trim back any trees and foliage that got overgrown during the cold months. This neatens up your yard and reduces the potential for unwanted foliage in your pool. Uncover the patio furniture and get it cleaned up and make sure all decks and walkways are cleared of leftover winter debris. Once the yard is clean, you can remove the pool cover, making sure to get all collected water and debris clear first. Make sure the pool cover is completely dry before storing it away and then you can begin cleaning your pool. When it comes to pool supplies, be sure to go get new ones. Do not use any chemicals or cleaners from previous seasons as these could be damaging to both the pool and your health.


Making sure your pool is maintained all summer long is of top importance. Always make sure your pool chemistry is balanced before use and check this is maintained periodically through the season. If you are not sure about the chemical balance, take a sample of pool water to a local pool retailer for testing to be sure. Perform regular maintenance, cleaning, testing, and equipment checks as well as keep all surrounding areas clear of debris.


Depending on where you live, fall months can still be warm enough for pool use. Just be sure to pay attention to falling leaves as a sign that it is time to get the pool covered back up. Skimmer baskets are a great way to keep leaves and debris from clouding your pool, but as you get further into cooler seasons, too much debris can damage equipment. This is when it is time t get the pool covered and protected. Fall is also a good time to get any remodeling or upgrades done that you want for next year. If the weather is still warm enough to enjoy your pool, you want to keep up with maintenance and water testing. Water will not be evaporating as fast as it was in the summer, but testing is still necessary.


The time has come to cover your pool. Make sure all pH and acidity levels are in balance. You need to drain any water from the pool heater, filter and pump to ensure pipes do not get frozen as the temperature drops. Drain the water in your pool to between 4 and 6 inches below the skimmer. Once you cover your pool, this is the perfect time to throw out any unused chemicals, so you are not tempted to re-use them next season. If you are able to keep your pool open during the winter, you need to follow the same regular maintenance, cleaning and testing that is done during the summer. The good news is that because the pool will not be used as often over the winter, you can use your pump less and clean with a quality pool brush. A pool is the perfect place to relax, have fun with the family, or host events so make sure you take the best care of your pool all year long. Just because pools are most popular during the summer doesn’t mean they can be ignored for the other seasons. To get the best from your pool, be sure to give it attention every season.

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