Salt Water Swimming Pool

Salt Water Swimming Pool 

If you already have a pool or are thinking of purchasing a pool you may ask yourself if you should go for a salt water pool or a chlorine pool. Which one is better? Should you get a salt water generator for your swimming pool? First of all, you must know that the salt water pool is a chlorine pool. The generator will turn the salt into chlorine in order to keep the pool clean. The chlorine levels are lower which is better for your skin. If you like salt water this can be a good transition. Many people do not know how to make the change to a salt water pool. There are some pros and cons for turning your pool into a salt water pool. First you need to decide what type of pool you want in your home. You can select from a fiberglass pool, concrete, or a pool with a vinyl liner.

Salt Water Cost Too Much Up Front But Worth It In The Long Run

While a salt water generator may cost a lot upfront it may be worth it in the long run. The cost to have a salt water generator installed will run from $1,4000 to $2,000. If you do switch to salt water you spend less than $100 each year on chemicals for the pool. This can save you around $300 per season. The cell in the generator will need to be replaced every 3 to 6 years and costs around $800. The cost for a salt water pool and a regular pool even out in the end.

It is Easier To Care For

Salt water pools are low maintenance. Salt water pools often have clear water even if the pool is neglected. The chlorine will remove the bacteria and other materials without stinging the eyes. The salt system is able to regulate itself. All you need to do is test the water once a week and adjust the salt to make sure the chlorine level is where it needs to be.

Salt Burns the Eyes?

A salt water pool is not like swimming in the ocean. The pool will have a tenth of the salt that the ocean does. Out of 1,000 pools installed no one has complained that the salt hurt their eyes.

Salt Water Taste Funny

You should not be drinking pool water in any case. The salt levels are low and you will not know that you are swimming in salt. This has never been an issue for salt water pool customers.

The Salt Will Effect the Shell of the Pool

The salt water may increase the time in which you have to resurface your concrete pool. There are still tests being done on this. Salt will have no impact on a fiberglass pool. As long as the salt is kept at the recommended levels it will not affect the equipment.


Salt water swimming pools can be a good alternative. They are easy to care for and will all you to relax. You can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time on the maintenance and upkeep of the pool.

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