Salt Water And Natural Pool Waters – Pros And Cons

Salt Water And Natural Pool Waters - Pros And Cons

Salt-water, Chlorine water, and Natural water are used in swimming pools today. If you’re looking to choose among these types of waters for your pool, you have to consider your money, your health and the pros and cons that include;


Salt Water

This is the type of water is generated by using salt being zapped through electrolysis process to generate chlorine. Now After mentioning chlorine water you may wonder if both are same. No, this type of salt water is much less mild than chlorine water and it is 100% natural Chlorine. This water is not as salty as they may seem and only have a tenth of salt water.


  1. Salt water saves you money than chlorine water since you don’t have to buy chlorine from the store, transporting and storing it in your backyard.
  2. Secondly, the salt water saves you time minimizing the time taken to manually add chlorine to your pool.
  3. The salt water doesn’t have any side effects like the chlorine, your body has a 0.15 percent chlorine by weight and in excess of it becomes toxic.
  4. Salt water is gentle to the skin and eyes since it is nearly the same ph level as your body.


  1. Salt water can easily damage plants that surround your pool. Salt dehydrates the plants. This can be bad to ground system pools that have plant life near them.
  2. Also salt is corrosive in nature. If you don’t install well salt water, it can easily damage the pool’s underlying parts and its accessories even the masonry works.
  3. Salt water uses electricity for the chlorine generator to work this can lead to high cost of power.
  4. Although the maintainability of salt water in your swimming pools is much cheaper in the long term, it’s expensive to set up.


Natural Water

This type of water doesn’t have chemicals like chlorine in it. The water is not cleaned using man-made, chemical or mechanical means instead only uses a natural process. There are equipment and different systems available online.


  1. They require much less maintenance than the salty-chlorine water after initial construction.
  2. Natural waters are great for your health with no side effects.
  3. This waters are naturally adaptable as they can be fitted with anything from wood to mud, making it look natural since it isn’t corrosive


  1. It is expensive to set up.
  2. You can have some issues with your water over time.
  3. Water can change tilt deepening the concentrating of the algae.